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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a new poem

A brand new poem is posted at my poetry site, if anyone's interested...
also, I see that the beach is winning on the poll but of course there is scant voting occurring so I don't think that it is a very good representation of the democratic process.

I will make time today to get in here and finish up or at least post some more of the story of 1999, since I have yet to finish it. I can be both nostalgic and melancholy when discussing 1998-2002. No, let me say 1990-2002, really... They were some tumultuous times to say the least. Being a passionate person I have lived, well... passionately and that has created some very high peaks as well as very deep valleys in the landscape of my life. I wouldn't trade a second of any of it because it is what has made me who I am today and in the end, I ended up with Macey. So, as they say, all is well that ends well. I really couldn't ask for my life to be more complete, well, except for a job right now, that would be nice, but really I have a wonderful partner, we have a wonderful life. We have family and friends who love us. Most importantly, we have each other. We encourage and motivate each other. We inspire one another. We work together toward common goals. We are like a well oiled machine; each gear knowing the movements of the other and working symbiotically to achieve every task set before us.
I never would have thought in 1996, laying in the bed at rehab, detoxing and wishing I were dead, that this would be my life. I had no idea that it could be so sweet.

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