No More Empty Fortune Cookies!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Randomness and Beginings

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Randomness, in a nutshell

Wifey is more convinced than ever that the government is out to "get" me... now saying that NASA will drop a satellite on our house after yesterday's post.

When you look like an average, white, American girl, people feel free to make the most audacious, racist remarks to you; Unbeknownst to them they are making an ass of themselves and outing their own inner prejudice.

Wifey is committed to asking me if nuts are in every single dish I serve her, even enchiladas, tacos, or salmon... just because I made that one zucchini bread that almost killed her.

The sewage treatment plant should be named after G.W., it's quite appropriate, and fitting, I think.

My blog name came from the fact that once upon a time, back when I was a misguided, drug addicted, rebellious youth...ah...the good ole days(NOT), I used to refuel myself at the Chinese restaurants, frequently. There were several reasons for this: #1. It was inexpensive, - there was a 4.95 all you can eat buffet - WOO HOO! Now THATS what I'm talkin' about! which worked into my budget perfectly for the basic necessities, you know, alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, and xanax...Or, on those days that I just couldn't muster up the umph to get dressed and get out, delivery was always available.
#2. Chinese food goes a long way...A"5.95 lunch special" from the take out menu would feed me for two sometimes 3 meals.
#3. Back then, my fortune cookies ALWAYS seemed to be empty. I used to joke that one day, when I wrote my autobiography, I would call it, "My Fortune Cookie Was Empty". Since it seemed to say so much about me, my life and my station in it. But then something amazing happened. I met Wifey, and things changed for me. My fortune cookies started to ALWAYS have fortunes. So, since I feel that the fortune cookie itself is in a way representative of me, and that I, like my crispy, future telling counterpart, am no longer empty, the name evolved.

And there you have it...

5 cookies cracked:

Leah J. Utas said...

What a wonderful explanation about the blog name. Of course your fortune cookies will always be filled.

Jay said...

I always wondered where you got the name for this blog. Cool story!

gary rith said...

Ah HA!

Fortune Cookies said...

leah - thanks! yup, no more empty fortune cookies for me!

jay - ask, and ye shall receive, well, sometimes ;) any other burning desires that I can ease your mind about?

gary - ha! :D

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this before...
Thanks for explaining your name!
Weird that your fortune cookies would be empty...