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Monday, June 16, 2008

The best vacation EVER!


Upon returning from vacation, wifey and I found that we longed to be back in the mountains, nestled in our cottage, drinking too much alcohol and laughing at the silliness of her drunken cousins and our seemingly daily trips to the local grocery store for one thing or another. We wished we were being beckoned to come to this cabin, no this one, no no, you must come by here for a game of cards and some more drinks...and don't forget grandma needs some quality time. That's what vacations are for, after all, aren't they?
We spent the most fabulous week at the most fabulous resort watching deer cross our paths and visiting with family that we usually don't get to see. We got to know some that we haven't previously spent any real time with and learned a little more about the dynamics of both her family as well as her brother's new wife's family. Those Irish sure do party...

We took a day for ourselves and went to visit Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright house, in Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. It was a 2 hour ride from Ogelbay, but well worth the trip.
I will tell you, if you take a trip to Fallingwater, do yourself a favor and schedule the tour that includes permission to photograph from inside the home. It would be worth the extra cash. We took this trip almost as an afterthought and only took the regular tour, the inside photography tours are booked out months in advance. It began storming heavily while we were on the tour, so our outside photos were very limited.

Restrictions aside, all in all, it was a great tour. Our guide was a bit quirkey, but hey, what do you expect?

Likewise, let me tell you, if you should ever have opportunity to stay at Ogelbay, go for a cottage, and seek one with a balcony. Wifey's dad had the best cottage of our bunch. It overlooked the most beautiful vistas and each night had the best view of the most glorious sunsets. I'm going back with easel and paints in tow!

Oh yeah, I went to prision while we were on vacation!We went to the MOUNDSVILLE PENITENTIARY, which is where Charles Manson's mom, among many others, was locked up for years. It's supposedly haunted, but we didn't see any ghosts, dammit.

I've not yet had time to finish uploading all of the vacation photos, but here's the link to the few I've started on, and here's my wife's flickr page with the photos she took.
Please stop by and check 'em out!

It's always good to go on vacation, and it's always good to be home again. Now I need about a week to rest up from the vacation!

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Karen said...

Glad you great vacation. Looks like a beautiful place.

Jay said...

That was a kick-ass vacation. I really would love to visit Falling Water.

Too bad you didn't see any ghosts at that penitentiary. That would have been pretty cool.

Reb said...

That looks like a beautiful place to visit. Great photos!

I love FLW's work and would love to visit there. I was able to visit Taliesen West in AZ a number of years ago, it too is wonderful.

gr said...

wowee! hey, can we come along next time???

Fortune Cookies said...

Karen- we had a blast! thanks

Jay - next time we go, come with! You may have to duck in some of those rooms though, very low ceilings!

reb- I'd love to see some more of FLW's houses! He is truly phenomenal

gr - pack a bag and come on! the more the merrier!