No More Empty Fortune Cookies!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Please send me a super cute, charming little Craftsman bungalow or Tudor style house with wood floors and a fenced yard that my pups can't jump over or dig under. I just don't want to live in a bland box that is indecipherable from every other house on the street.

It needs plenty of light and a super awesome man cave for Macey, first-floor laundry is a big bonus, and if there are stairs, I need well lit, not deathly treacherous stairs so my blind ass won't fall down them.

A big front porch with plenty of room for evening relaxation, morning coffee, and Friday night poker with the in-laws would be super sweet. Maybe you cold even throw in a nice back patio for summer grilling?

And it needs to fit within my budget.
Is that asking too much? That's probably asking too much.

As close to that as possible is all I'm really asking.

Please and thank you.