No More Empty Fortune Cookies!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Places to go and things to do

What one thing could you absolutely not live without? I don't mean sex or chocolate...I mean senses or physical abilities.
Could you cope without your sight?
How about losing your hearing?
What if you could never walk again?

Lets up the ante. What is your absolute favorite thing to do? Now, take away a sense or physical ability that would result in the loss of your ability to do your favorite thing. Say, for example, you're a dancer, and now you can no longer walk. Never. What now? What comes next?
Claude Monet became blind half way through his The Water Lilies series, but he finished them up, even without the gift of sight.
Julie Andrews lost her glorious singing voice, and now writes books, she simply found a new outlet for her voice to be heard.
How would you cope with such life altering changes?

What if your doctor told you, "Go everywhere that you ever wanted to see, and do it now, your time is short."
Where's the first place your passport would get stamped?

Me? I want to see everything...I want to see Carmel, California again. It's so lovely there. I want to go to Germany, Aruba, and I really want to go to Hawaii! I'd love to visit New Zealand, and the Netherlands, and Glacier Bay National Park...
I want to paint in Mew Mexico's Painted Desert, and I want to watch the sun rise over Key West just one more time.
I want to see the lights on Broadway! And, oh, there only about a million places in between...I know I can never fit it all in before time and money runs out, but those are the places and things I want to see. Then, once that the day arrives, I'll just figure out a new way to paint those images that are in my mind, yearning to reach a canvas. After-all, The Water Lilies were painted by a blind man...