No More Empty Fortune Cookies!

Friday, April 29, 2011


"In the end, we will remember NOT the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Life on Life's Terms

Human emotions are fickle little things. They go from hurt to angry to hurt to happy with little provocation and can take us on a roller coaster of feelings with little or no warning.
I never mind too much when unexpected joy creeps's that bastard of a mood killer, anger, that really grates my goat.

Anger is the fuel driving jealousy, pain, and overall dissatisfaction. In short, anger drives the Life Sucks Express.

I try to deal with that pesky little bastard through writing. Here in my blog, in my journal, in poetry...wherever. It's healthier than acting on it physically. When I'm really, really angry, I take it out on Wii Fit's rhythm boxing, but that doesn't always cure it, just curbs it down to a somewhat manageable level.

When I wrote about the Wifester's frenemies,  I was AAAAANGRY. Still am a little bit- to be honest, but the Wifester feels better about it, so I am working on letting it go.

It does make a difference that one of her coworkers, the one she felt closest to - the one she calls her best friend, finally called her over the weekend. They had productive conversation, and I feel somewhat better about that whole situation for my Wifester.

I do still feel hurt for her that it took over a month for that to happen - but that's my problem. I have to let go of my expectations of other people. Rarely does anyone ever live up to them, and I know that's because I place high, and yes, sometimes unrealistic expectations upon those around me.

I'm still working on this whole life on life's terms stuff, and it can be a bitch. But like they say, that's the stuff that makes us grow.