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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In case you haven't seen

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what you didn't see

Make them PAY

Seize BP Petition button

According to Seize's web site:

"This was a manufactured disaster. It was neither an “Act of God” nor Nature that caused this devastation, but rather the unmitigated greed of Big Oil’s most powerful executives in their reckless search for ever-greater profits.

Under BP’s CEO Tony Hayward’s aggressive leadership, BP made a record $5.6 billion in pure profits just in the first three months of 2010. BP made $163 billion in profits from 2001-09. It has a long history of safety violations and slap-on-the-wrist fines.

The government of the United States must seize BP and freeze its assets, and place those funds in trust to begin providing immediate relief to the working people throughout the Gulf states whose jobs, communities, homes and businesses are being harmed or destroyed by the criminally negligent actions of the CEO, Board of Directors and senior management of BP."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Brown Dog Foundation Helps Four Legged Flood Victims

We've all heard about all of the wonderful groups, organizations, and individuals that are out there helping people who were affected by the devastating flooding earlier this month, but did you know that there is a group that is helping pet owners who were affected? The Brown Dog Foundation, founded, chaired, and owned by Carol Smock, a Nashville resident, is that saving grace for families who may have lost pet food, prescription medications, heartworm preventative, or may have incurred vet bills for injuries sustained during the flooding.

I met Carol last year when Sunny Dog Snacks provided Brown Dog Foundation with free treats to supply in the gift bags at her annual dinner for her donors and recipients. Carol and I shared a cup of coffee and talked a while about how we each came to our respective places with Brown Dog Foundation and Sunny Dog Snacks. I enjoyed Carol's sincere, complete and total dedication to helping those in need, both furry and non. And I admired her drive to take her dream and turn it into such a saving grace for so many people and their four legged friends. If you've ever faced sudden, life saving medical intervention for a pet at a financially tight time in your life, you will understand just how much of a relief the Brown Dog Foundation can be, both for you and for your pet.

If you or someone you know have/has pets and were affected by the flooding, and are in need of assistance, please, contact Brown Dog Foundation today.

Press Release for Brown Dog:

Nashville, Tennessee (May 2, 2010) – As tens of thousands in Middle Tennessee are displaced during this sudden flooding and tornado disaster, Brown Dog Foundation is stepping up to the request to provide assistance to families directly affected by the disaster and whose pet is injured as a result. The Disaster Relief Program offers up to $300/pet for stabilization of injuries sustained during the disaster and/or treatment of illness caused by exposure to contaminants. The Program also replaces prescription medications lost in the disaster. Thanks to a gift made by Schering-Plough/Intervet, we can also provide a 3-month supply of Tri-Heart, a Heartworm Preventative, (via the owner’s Veterinarian) at no cost to the pet owner. In some cases, we may also be able to provide a 3-month supply of Flea/Tick Preventative.

During recognized disasters, the organization waives the normal guideline requirements. Families are only asked to provide proof that they have been affected by the disaster (a statement from Red Cross or FEMA will suffice) and prove that the pet belongs to them. To date, the organization has funded two cases with several more in process.

In one situation, the dog’s owner lost her job due to the flooding disaster and the dog is diabetic, requiring prescription dog food to keep him healthy. We have helped the owner purchase a 3-month supply of food. The second dog was swept away by flood waters and injured in the process. She required a specialty surgical repair of her hips and back legs. The family had exhausted all of their savings account to repair their home damaged by flood water.

Because Brown Dog Foundation operates solely by donations of the general public, we are also encouraging cash contributions – 100% of these funds will be directed to aid in this disaster only. Donations are accepted online or by mailing a check to Brown Dog Foundation, c/o McPherson Management, 900 19th Avenue South, Ste 204, Nashville, TN 37212. Please write “Disaster Relief” in the memo line.

Brown Dog Foundation, 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in October, 2006, offers assistance to families in temporary financial crisis an alternative to euthanizing their family pet when life-saving treatment or life-sustaining medication is necessary. Brown Dog Foundation, Inc. serves the entire state of TN, with a sizable concentration of assistance occurring in Middle Tennessee communities. The organization helps families who have experienced an unexpected catastrophe (job loss, unexpected and major medical bills, etc.) at the same time that their pet requires life-saving treatment or life-sustaining medications. The goal is to help these families, who don’t qualify for public or government assistance in any other aspect of their lives the ability to use their limited resources to focus on what they need to do to get their life back together. Brown Dog Foundation pays 75% of the cost of the veterinary care or medication needed and the family pays 25%.

Founded by Nashvillian Carol A. Smock and six other women, the organization was started from nothing and has grown into a thriving community program. With more than 1000 donors and an average of 50 volunteers, the organization spends its time raising money so when a family needs help, they can respond immediately. “We’ve helped 85 families across the country, sixty-five of which live in Tennessee, with the cost of prescription medications, acute and chronic treatments and surgeries– anything that ensures the pet will enjoy a good quality of life. In each circumstance, we’ve given the family the peace of mind they need to focus on what’s most important in their life – getting through their crisis,” explains Smock. “We love to help dogs and cats, but the true reward comes when we get a call from the family telling us that their lives and finances are back on track because of the generosity of our donors!”

The current National Board of Directors are Carol A. Smock, Board Chair; Brian Dablow, Secretary; and Laura Hawes. The Tennessee Board members include: Darlene Tyner-Hunt/Old Hickory; Lissa Kelley/Nashville; Dr. Mike Hatcher/Smyrna; Dr. Lisa Chassy-Skelley/Knoxville; and Laura Richards/Antioch. Board Advisors are Dr. Trey Calfee, DVM/Nashville Veterinary Specialists, Donna Finney, and Victoria Heil. For more information, visit the website at

– END –

You can also find Brown Dog on Facebook.

Some flood victims to receive help from Brown Dog:

Photo courtesy of Brown Dog Foundation
This is PD - the first flood victim we assisted. His momma lost her job due to the floods and PD is... diabetic. Luckily, he doesn't need insulin, but he does require expensive diabetic dog food. We have helped them purchase a 3-month supply! Thank you Supporters!!!!

Photo courtesy of Brown Dog Foundation
Daisy was swept away by the raging flood water and needs surgery to repair her hips and back legs. We could not have helped Daisy without the donations from all of you. On behalf of Daisy and her family, THANK YOU!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

If THAT's what you call porn...

Ever since that time that One Million Moms stole the Wifester's photography to use for their Boycott Home Depot campaign and then lied and dragged their feet about removing it, I've been a subscriber to their newsletter so that I can keep abreast of them and their deceitful, malicious ways.
Just as I suspected, it's one ridiculous campaign after another, from boycotts against The Family Guy and Three and a Half Men to the usual complaints about homosexuality on shows like Modern Family.
I just let it roll off my back like water off a duck, I mean, I expect this from OMM. But this one made me laugh. I mean it made me laugh so hard that my french vanilla latte shot through my nose and sprayed my keyboard. And my monitor.

Let me set it up first. This is the text of the newsletter:
"Next time you stop by Bath & Body works to purchase soap, you will get much more than you bargained for and not in a good way. This is not somewhere you would want to walk by or visit with your children, your teen son or your husband. To be bombarded with a poster of a nude woman pictured with her privates meticulously covered while you are shopping is not okay!

Malls, where teens hang out and families go for an innocent outing, have retailers whose window displays poison our children with 10-foot posters that are nothing but soft p*rn. In particular, Bath & Body Works has a new ad campaign with a naked woman with certain areas covered up by her hands and legs."
Notice how they had to use an asterisk in the word porn! tee-hee! Ok, so I had to check it out. I mean, if there's naked women, SOFT PORN, none the less, I have to check it out! That goes without saying, right?
I mosey on over to Bath & Body Works' web site, because the newsletter goes on to say that the web site displays the same ad as the stores. This is what I found

Seriously? This is what they are calling soft porn?? If this is soft porn, they really need to watch some daytime soap operas and see what they think of that. No, better yet, watch Survivor when those girls are competing in the challenges...A LOT more body is shown than what we see here, guaranteed!
This just makes me laugh. I feel truly sorry for anyone who goes through life not being able to say (or type) the complete word porn, without censoring it, who can't look at this ad without being offended by it, and who finds it necessary to demand that the rest of society live as miserable as they are.
You know what? I'm terrified of spiders. Hate them with a passion. But I realize that my fear of spiders is mine and mine alone to carry. I don't demand that you or anyone else be afraid of spiders. I am happy for anyone who is not as fearful of them as I am because I know that they are living a much more full life by not being hindered with a crippling, unjustified fear. Now, I still don't like spiders, so I avoid them. I keep those I love away from them as much as I possibly can, but I will not be going out and campaign to rid the world of spiders. I'm just saying...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Do you have your Lightning 100 Vol. 1?

Make donation to flood relief, receive 19 songs great from local talent!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville and New Orleans, in Jon Stewart's words

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Nashville Flooding
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Overwhelmed and Grateful

"Who is Susie ______" I asked the Wifester, not accusingly, just questioning as I must with my terrible memory and all...
"I don't know, hunny." She said. "Maybe one of your blog readers?"
Oh, do I still have them?
Apparently I do. And Susie ______ is one of them, if not the one and only. I had received an email asking how the Wifester and I were doing through the flooding.
Now how about that?
After a little bit of back and forth with the emails Susie did disclose that she followed my blog and just wanted to check in on us. Wow. How friggin' neighborly is that? That's why I love Tennessee.
Then I start getting the messages from my old high school friend who is now in New Orleans.
"Do you need anything? Can we send anything? What can I DO???"
After assuring her we are OK here, she went on to say that after Katrina, and all the help and support she saw coming her way, she just could not stand to sit by and do nothing.
My heart swells with the outpouring of love, compassion and support coming from our friends and family, even if the national news media isn't showing the depth of our issue, here. Word of mouth travels fast in the world of Twitter and Facebook...and word has gotten around.
The Wifester and I are some of the few lucky ones. We live on higher ground and have had no damage, thankfully.
Friends have not fared so well. My friend who hooked me up with the art show that I recently had my art in...he and his wife's house is covered in water, up to the second floor. Second floor, folks!
A high school classmate has been missing since Saturday...
It's a mess here. A big mess. I know this is the Volunteer State. I grew up hearing the stories of how Tennesseans volunteer to help more than any other state, and now it is time for us to turn that spirit of giving on ourselves and help our neighbors.
How can you helps us? Spread the word. The national news is doing a very poor job of showing the severity of the situation here. Hands on Nashville sums it up nicely:

In case folks don't grasp the severity of what's going on. Temporary shelters are at capacity, missing people are unaccounted for, many homes are under water, we're in a water conservation emergency, much of Nashville's economic base is threatened by flood damage, etc, etc.

In other words, we're going to need help.

Go to (Hands On Nashville) to become a volunteer or to make a donation go to and give at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to ensure that your money goes directly to flood relief efforts. Despite what we've been told about Text to REDCROSS, that money just goes to the Red Cross, who then can use it anywhere in the world that they feel it is most needed. Which ordinarily is fine, but right now, when we need it, we need to make sure we are giving to the channels that will siphon the money to the proper, local agencies.

Thank You, Mr. Olbermann!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy