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Monday, June 30, 2008

Enough Already!

Will someone please tell me why the ass-hats who insist on shooting fireworks until well past midnight every god damned night of the week for the past two weeks can't have the common decency to pick up the garbage they create? Saturday, I was weeding my flowerbeds, and pulled god knows how many firecrackers out. Bottle rockets, twirley noisey thingys, you name it, they've landed in my yard. I don't even shoot fireworks, so it's particularly annoying to me. I remind you, am the gal who campaigned to start a litter pick up crew in my neighborhood, so leaving trash in my yard is hardly a way to make friends. In the first place, fireworks are for the Fourth of July, which has yet to arrive. Secondly, They are meant to be enjoyed in a setting in which trained professionals produce a grand showing, not where people such as myself are unable to walk into their own front yards to water flowers because stray, exploding projectiles are being launched at one's head. And finally, there is a courtesy issue here. Many people actually work for a living. Paying mortgages, utilities, taxes, you know, being responsible adults. Of this section of the population, a great big percentage of us have to get up EARLY in the mornings. We don't necessarily like it either. We do it because we have to. We do it because it pays the bills. We do it so that we can live the lifestyle that we want to live. I'm just asking for some peace and quiet after, let's say 10 pm on weeknights and Sunday nights. That's not too much to ask, is it? Really, am I being unreasonable here?

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Tink said...

It's shit like that that makes me want to pack up and move out to the middle of nowhere.

Jay said...

One of the good things about living in the apartment complex that I live in, is that they police the place pretty well. Anyone who even thinks of setting off fireworks before the fourth gets threatened with eviction.

Leighann said...

I'm sorry they're annoying you, it'll be over soon!

Reb said...

Fireworks are restricted in Canada. You have to have a permit and go through a lot of rigmarole to get one.

Of course that doesn't stop some people from getting their hands on them somehow anyway, it is just not very common.

Um, we also have noise bylaws, maybe your city does too?

Mandy said...

ugh- we heard fireworks at 2am the other night/morning - TWO AM - it was the kid across the street - UGH (again)

Karen said...

Fireworks are HIGHLY illegal here. The Popo are all over anyone who tries that crap here.

Call the police for a noise violation.

Fortune Cookies said...

Tink - let's start a colony!

jay - that is certainly one of the things I miss about communal living!

leighann - thanks! unfortunately, it lasts year round here, it just amps up during holidays.

reb - i wish they were restricted here, this is the first city i've lived in that I've had to deal with them.

mandy - our neighbor and your neighbor... we need to put these neighbors next door to eachother!

karen - I think I will tonight if it goes on after 11, which is when the noise ordinance says that it must stop by...