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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My New Wish

I awoke one day beside a love
who had no love for me,
What a tragedy it is, I thought,
To love unrequitedly.
I soon moved on and found myself
enjoying life without that hitch.
Funny how much better the view
When you climb out of the ditch.
And then one day I met a love
Who proved to be my match!
She showed me love with laughter and joy,
How did I deserve such a catch?
Today I awake beside my love,
Who shares much love with me;
The bond we have is precious,
We cherish it unequivocally.
My life, being so fulfilled,
I have but one wish for you:
The type of bliss that my love and I now share,
It is a dream come true.

Copyright ©2008 AngelaSchleicher

2 cookies cracked:

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

hey I'm in the same boat precisely! YAY! Good words for a good state!

Fortune Cookies said...

YAY for love!