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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WWC Moody & Bright

Oh my god! The holiday weekend let me get away from myself and forget that today is WWC Day, not tomorrow. I apologize, I really wanted to make something special with this one, instead, I've had to recycle some old photos, and throw them in with a new one or two...sorry about that...
Here's my interpretation:
Moody & Bright

The sun is BRIGHT coming in my window at work

These BRIGHT coffee cups put me in a good Mood when I found them!

Wifester thinks it's funny when I say things like "It's loud" when I really mean to say "it's too BRIGHT" after I've had a seizure
She looks like an angel, but trust me, she's MOODY!

But probably not nearly as MOODY as me!

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gary rith said...

Yay, there's that cute picture of you pouting!

Karen said...

The 3 day weekend threw me too.
Good thing you had some good pictures in the archives, huh? Always prepared! I like the smiley face mugs. My bathroom as a kid had smiley face wallpaper, parents hated it, I loved it!

fiwa said...

See, I would never have known they were recycled pictures.

I love your glasses - I have frame envy now.

Janet said...

Love your take on the words! Cute pout ;-)

Tink said...

You have seizures? I get words all confuzled without seizures. It's a genetic thing though. My Mom does it too. She'll say sour cream instead of cream cheese. I'll say marote instead of remote. It's a wonder anyone outside the family understands us. :)

Chatty said...

First, that is an ADORABLE picture of you at the end there! It's so difficult to take good self-portraits, but you really nailed that one!
Secondly, "It's loud" and "It's bright" can definitely be synonymous - because I've seen some plaid suits on some old guys that prove my point!
I'm with Tink, though - I get words my confused without having ANY EXCUSE AT ALL to back fall on *sigh*

Jessica said...

Those mugs rock! :)

PEACE said...

I like the smiley face mugs...been thinking of putting a smiley face tattoo on the back of my head...not a real one...but still a smiley face on my bald head!

Anonymous said...

Cute pout, and smiley faced mugs always make MY "mug" smile.

I wanna know what kind of camera your wife has...stop by and see my dilemma (at the end of my WWC post)

Karen said...

I like the photo of you pouting. Cute.

Fortune Cookies said...

gary - pouty face wins every time ;)
(I thought you'd like the mothballs!)
karen - I'd of made a good boy scout-minus the boy part. I'd of loved smiley face wallpaper!
fiwa-frame envy-hehehe! I love it!
janet- necessity spawns creativity ;)
tink- eh it's part of life, it's what gives me my perspective, I suppose ;) hey, you could blame it on seizures too!
chatty - I agree! I've seen some suits that were simultaneously loud and bright too!
jessica- I know, huh?! I wanted to buy them all up!
peace- my friend had henna tattoos drawn on her head while she went through chemo. they looked very pretty and cool!
kcinnova- I read your dilemma, Wifester's (or mine, that she took over, depending on who you ask) camera is a Panasonic DMC-LS70. It's pretty portable and compact, but I'm not sure if it's as small as you want...
Karen-thanks! that seems to be the popular one, next to the smiley face mugs, that is.

gary rith said...

It is not hard to imagine a group of women snickering over the mothballs joke...

tt said...

I loved your mothballs joke too! lol

That pout picture of you is adorable. I'll bet it gets you your way. ;)
You're such a cutie!

g-man said...

Cute self portrait. I screw up verbally like that too, it is a gift that makes us special! :)

I am jealous that you have a window at work. I have an inner office. (that I share with 5 other people!)

Reb said...

Ha, we both had smiley faces! I love your kitty, such pretty colours. That pout though, stellar!