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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WWC - Modern and Primitive & Green La Vergne Update

This week's WWC words were a delight! Tink, over at Pickled Beef, challenged us to post our photo interpretations of the words Modern & Primitive.

Modern Software:

Primitave, notice it says it's compatible with Windows 3.1 and 95!!!

Primitave art


He looks Primitive, don't cha think?

And in unrelated events, as promised, here's my update on my Green LA Vergne Group's Booth we worked at our city's Old Timer's Day Parade and Festival this weekend.
We signed up a LOT of new members who are willing to volunteer to help us make our city litter free, cleaner, and greener and all around a more beautiful and earth friendly place to live. We made some new important contacts, and we were invited to run a booth at a local school's Fall Festival next month. Mission accomplished!
Here's the Green La Vergne gang, sans Wifester, as she was behind the camera...

The words for next week are:

Hmmmm....I better get busy working on that one. Don't forget to see Tink, if you're interested in joining.

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Reb said...

Well done FC! I like the art pieces, and that fish? is rather primitive looking.

Anonymous said...

Well, I confess to still running Windows 95 on our old computer, but it hasn't been hooked up to the internet in YEARS! Something about not being able to get virus protection... Still, it's good for computer games for the younger ones and writing school papers for the older ones.

Nice art, primitive fish, and way to go on greening up your community!!

tt said...

I LOVE your primitive and modern art pieces!!!!
Great pic of your team too! Congrats on the green team!

Karen said...

I am really proud of your efforts with La Vergne. Working with that group is so admirable. It is something that needs to be done, but something that I would never think of doing.

Tink said...

I love the primitive and modern art shots. Where did you find that awesome mug? :)

Alice said...

wow, that IS a primitive looking... fish? slug thingy? :-)

i love the modern / primitive art!

Janet said...

lol windows 95 :-) Lovely shots, that fish does look quite primitive!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Love the pics!

I'm going to need your address so that I can steal that primitive art piece! I LOVE THAT!!!!

gary rith said...

YAY! There you are!
Get a shot of you and the wifester for us one day, OK?

Jay said...

I really love that modern art!

Great job on saying the words.

Sorry I'm so late getting around.

Fortune Cookies said...

reb - that fish( the plecostomus)is one of my favorite in the tank, but Wifester hates him, she thinks he's gonna sneak out of the tank and kill us one night!

kcinnova - wow, I didn't think a pc capable of running 95 would still be able to power up! You have a dinosaur there, it may retire to a museum! ;) My Green La Vergne project is really growing, and I'm very proud of it's progress. Just remember, it all started here! LOL

tt - those art pieces are the popular ones today. I'm very excited about the Green team's progress! Check out our website at

Karen - Thank you SO much! I am really proud of the progress we've made. Remember, when we've become a national name, it all started here at No More Empty Fortune Cookies ;)

tink - primitive art isn't a mug, it's just so up close it looks that way, it's actually about the perfect size to hold tooth picks...My great aunt bought it from a street vendor in Cozumel, over 40 years ago. I was delighted when she told me she wanted me to have it.

alice - that "primitive looking fish? slug thingy?" is a fish...he's called a plecostomus. Even the name sounds primitive, eh?

Janet- I couldn't resist the Windows 95 software...glad someone else found the humor in that :)

rll - ha! no problem, i live at that house, on that street, in that town! ;)

gary - it's me, it's me! hmmmmm....wifester doesn't much like to appear on the other side of the lense...but i've posted a few photos of us together, such as wedding photos and what not...dig around my site.

jay - I suppose it's a good thing you're so darn luvable, otherwise your tardiness would be utterly unforgivable!!! ;)