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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Creativity

New Year's Eve brought out a two for one, I guess it was the wine and champagne...

Cleveland in Winter Mixed Media on 16x20 Canvas
acrylic, tissue, epoxy, soy wax
It still needs to be glazed and I think I'm gonna splatter some soy wax on it to help with the snow effect.

While doing that one, I kept thinking about another one I've had my mind and heart set on doing, so as soon as I could get it to a drying point, I set it aside and started on this one:

she's still a work in progress, but Bettie Page has been on my mind ever since I read she had fallen ill and was hospitalized, and subsequently, her passing.
I've wanted to create my tribute to such an iconic figure in America's sexual revolution

So I combined some of my favorite images of her into a collage paying homage to The Pinup Girl Queen

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