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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, Same Ole' Me?

First things first, you all have heard me talk about Wifester's wonderful mom, right? Besides being wonderful and sweet and loving, she and her business partner started this awesome business to teach builders how to build green buildings! Come on! How awesome is that? Well, the other day she had an accident while at a restaurant and broke her arm, way up between the elbow and the shoulder, OUCH! She's 600 miles away from us, so it's not like we can just hop over after work and check on her. So if you could send her some good, healing thoughts, I'd appreciate it, and I know she would too!

Thanks! Yall rock too!
Now, on to the New Year post...
I woke up on January 1st with a start. I wanted to jump back into the painting I had started on New Year's Eve. I'd stayed up until 3am, much like New Years past, except this time it was to work on a painting instead of a buzz.
Two paintings, actually. Then on the 1st day of the new year, I began some more. Hopefully this pace will sustain itself throughout this year, and I can turn out some decent work, I'm hoping to rent a booth at the Pride festival this year and sell my art, or at least try to.

As I painted, I thought about last year's new year's eve, and reminisced that was the day that Max died.
It wasn't too long after that I started this blog. So my
bloggaversary is rapidly approaching! As a matter of fact, I believe it's this Saturday! I'll have to whip up something special for that.

2008 went by so fast, with so many changes, good and bad, its like a blur. I think I adapt relatively well to change, I've had to learn to with my crazy and ever evolving life, but I watch others greet change into their lives like a negative magnet greets another.
I welcome it. I enjoy the newness of fresh paint on the walls, different people, alternate menu choices.

I don't like to make resolutions, because they seem like unrealistic goals that I later beat myself up for not accomplishing, however, I would like to set some standards for myself for this year. I won't call them resolutions, just a few key points that I plan to address in 2009.

For example, I will make a conscious effort to be even more welcoming to change in my life.
One change I want to make is a dedication to pursuing my art. I truly enjoy it, and I would much rather spend my time painting than calculating invoice
discrepancies and filing fraud claims. It makes me feel happy, whole, and fulfilled when I paint. So why not do it more?

I also am making an effort to be more attentive to my blog, because it relaxes me and brings me so much pleasure. I seem to have a tendency to deny myself the joys of life and that stops here.
I've decided to cut way back on eating things that once had faces. I may find that I go back to being a vegetarian, but I do love fish, and they have faces, so I can't promise that. I just feel so guilty every time I eat meat, and I think "look at that carcass." It really freaks me out. I think I can make do with tofu from here on out, besides, it's leaner and healthier, and I could certainly stand for a healthier diet. Last year Wifester and I dedicated ourselves to omitting fast food, and we achieved it. I am so proud of us for stopping the weekly visits to Sonic and Wendy's. Those are not easy habits to break, let me tell you. Why not take it one step further this year, right?

So that's about all I've got for now. What are you doing this year to welcome change into your life?

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

as the expression goes, vegetarians taste which logic, I've been tasting good for about 26 years.....
BUT my point is, you are totally loveable and so is your blog, so YEAH, blog a lot!

Reb said...

So sorry to hear about your MIL, sending warms thoughts. Those all sounds like great standards to set and I am sure you will do wonderfully.

Jay said...

Great job on the getting rid of fast food. That's something I'm trying to do too. Hell, I hate the food at those places, so why don't I stop going there? LOL ;-)

fluxlife said...

i'm sending out healing vibes to your wifester's mom.

to invite change into my life, i think i'm going to take a keynote from you and transform towards those things which nourish me more. i'm thinking also in the areas of vocation and eating habits.

...and generally, to just be more open to change consciously. i think that is enough to be more open to change, to just keep it in mind. i think that combined with intentionally doing and experiencing different things could be very helpful towards change.

-Steve @ fluxlife

Real Live Lesbian said...

Healing thoughts going to the MIL!

I am also trying to eat more vegetarian meals. Not going all vegetarian, but definitely cutting back.

Can't wait to see the new paintings that you have in the works!