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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NES - You Bastards! My rebuttal to an excessively high electric bill

There's a few things on my mind tonight, one of which is the extremely high electric bill we received in the mail today followed minutes later by a segment on the news about how Nashville Electric Service has issued a 6% decrease in the fuel surcharge on our bills. Oh reaaaaaaaly NES?
Because you sure can't tell it by my bill. And I promise you, it's not from using my heat in excessive amounts since it's been so cold. Why, you may ask? Because Wifester is the Heat Nazi. Just ask our friends Lilley and Cole. Poor Cole shivers, actually shivers when she's visiting here. But don't take me, Lilley and Cole's word for it, here yah go, I'll even provide solid, tangible evidence. For those of you who may be like me, and need that evidential proof, I offer

See that?? And may god, allah, buddha, jehovah, krishna, kali, and ani difranco help the poor soul who tries to ebb the thermostat up past the 65 degree mark.
Now, I don't expect you to take a single piece of evidence as proof beyond doubt that my electric bill must be wrong, so I offer you

This is me, right now, at my computer blogging, under the covers of a blanket because the heat nazi, I mean my lovely wife becomes possessed with the spirit of a heat loathing demon if the heater comes on. It's not pretty, trust me. We build fires and snuggle under blankets and keep warm that way.
So my bill to the firelog people being exceptionally high right now I accept, my light bill? Not so much.

We're in the middle of a recession and the utilities are going to stick it to us like this? Disgusting. More people have lost their jobs than any other period in my lifetime and I read today that the murder/suicide rate in families has increased dramatically recently. They attribute it to the increased number of job losses leaving people distraught, hopeless, and they end up killing their families and themselves. That makes me so sad.

Just since Monday, 100,000 people have lost jobs in this country. 100,000! That's 50,000 people loosing a job per day. What? Outrageous. Now The post office wants to cut delivery of mail back to 5 days a week.

and this just in...the house just passed $819 Billion on the stimulus plan. No one yet has been able to provide a reasonable explanation as to where in the hell this money is coming from I guess we all need to get us one of those printers that the Fed seems to have gotten their hands on.

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Anonymous said...

I read that too and it is very sad...
something not right.
sending you warm thoughts.

Chris Wood said...

A money printer! I knew there was an answer out there somewhere!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

print them green dollars and send me a box full, that's what I say!

tt said...

Yea...a personal money printer machine!!! I'd wait in a seriously long line for one of those!! lol
I can't figure it out myself...we keep it nose wiping cold in our house too but the bill keeps going up. WTF????
My sweet Lovee, puts on shorts and a T-shirt when it's 5 degrees outside then starts shivering and asking why it's so cold inside...huh????...go put on some clothes man!! Dress for the weather I say..He replies he's INSIDE and he want to feel comfortable....uh-huh....I shake my head too. lol :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm the heat Nazi at our house. After the over $300 one last month, my girl installed a digital controller. It knocked our bill down about $20...but then we realized we were out of town for a week.

I need to borrow that copier!

Reb said...

Electric Heat? It is very rare up here, ours is mostly natural gas. Of course, the cost of that has gone through the roof in the last few years too. Speaking of much insulation do you have in your attic? If that is a foreign concept, it works to keep summers heat out too, but can make a tremendous difference in your heating/cooling bills.

Steve Morozumi said...

your electric company should be shot! i'm mad at them! why can't our society wake up? the banks and the power companies need to seriously lend a hand to help the people of this nation survive! fools, all of them fools!

ahhh, but why am i so surprised at the buffoonery of our nation's greedy banks and power companies?

all we can do is try to stay warm and hope that the kind people take our fine counterfeit money. lol! nice photo btw. :D-thanks for your post!

-Steve @ fluxlife