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Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Update

Christmas was a HOOT! It always is when we go to Cleveland. We got some good news too; Wifester and I are going to be new Aunts!! YAY!!! Her brother and his wife are expecting their first baby, and everyone has known since Thanksgiving but keeping the secret from us until we came home for Christmas so that they could tell us in person. Those big meanies! I can't imagine how hard it was for Wifester's mom to keep that hush-hush.

My Christmas loot was splendid! I came away with a beautiful Tahitian pearl necklace! And I always thought pearls were only for old ladies! This one is perfect for a gal like myself.
I racked up on some major art supplies, paints, canvas, brushes, you name it, I got it.

The Wifester finally got her new camera *angels singing* you know, the one she's been wanting for sooooo long. Which means that I regain custody of the old camera, which isn't that old, by the way. She actually got two cameras, and she's all psyched to get going with them!

Oh yeah, I got an espresso machine! YUM! Note to self; Although it may be OK to drink a full 16oz coffee mug full of COFFEE, it is NOT recommended to drink that same mug full of cappuccino! Quadruple cappuccino at 7am = one busy Fortune Cookie and a VERY clean house. That is synchronously a pretty good thing and a veeeeery bad thing...

Cleveland was beautiful and COOOOOOOOOLD.
The second day we were there there was snow everywhere and it was -1. MINUS ONE! The wind chill made it -25, but if you ask me, it was more like -125, and that just so happened to be the day that the Wifester decided she just had to go up to the big cemetary to shoot some photos. Of course the main one she wanted was way up atop the big hill, where the wind was whipping about like a wire coathanger across Christina's back in that scene from Mommie Dearest, and stinging with the same pissuance.
I volunteered to provide Wifester with my jacket for extra warmth while I stayed in the car to keep it running and warm the remainder of the cemetary adventure. She was a trooper, though, she got out there and took way more photos than I would have dared to in those frigid temperatures.
So now I'm back to work, and impatiently awating the weekend so that I can play with my new art supplies! I sure wish I didn't have a full time job.
How was your holiday?

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Karen said...

Your holiday sounds really good. Congrats on the Aunt gig. Trust me, it is really, really fun!

I love taking photos in cemetaries also. I find it peaceful and calm and not mobid at all.

What are the New Years plans now?

Reb said...

I am so laughing at your -1 temps! Yes, it's cold, but quite balmy compared to what we've been having lately. And at least you get to go home away from it! (I admit that windchill is a nasty one though!)

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas in spite of the cold. Congrats on being new Aunts.

fiwa said...

Oooh - let's see a picture of your necklace!

Sounds like you had a great Christmas, all in all. :)

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had an awesome holiday! :) You are very brave--I could not do -1! I'm shivering just reading your post~! LOL

Malcolm said...

Since I live in MI, I know all about the cold you experienced during your visit to Cleveland. Congrats on you and the Wifester becoming soon-to-be aunts.

My holiday was spent with the family. We hung out, imbibed, listened to music, etc.

By the way, your Joan Crawford reference cracked me up. I used a similar one a few weeks ago in my Tuesday Trivia game when I informed players that using the Internet is not allowed.

Jay said...

Wow! I've never heard anyone talk so excitedly about their trip to Cleveland. haha

Glad you had such a great time!

Tink said...

Well it sounds like you two had an awesome Christmas. I'm so glad, you deserved it! I can't wait to see the pictures you guys take with your respective cameras now. ;)

fluxlife said...

wow. sounds like you made out well this X-Mas! awesome! congrats on the baby on the way!

i haven't gotten into it yet myself, but it sounds like photography can be an addiction. i can't wait til i get a camera or video camera. watch out world when i do!

have a happy New Year!

-steve @ fluxlife

Anonymous said...

Best news is that now your new posts go magically to my google home page! Thanks so much for working that out for me. Now I have a new name to call you, Angnician (Angie and magician combined!)
I too liked the reference to Joanie, even if I never saw the movie. And I will have to look up "pissuance". I got the meaning loud and clear, but do not think I have ever seen the word before.
Loved having you two home for Christmas! Now I can tell you how sad I was last year when you could not come home, tears, tears tears. So, this year was much, much better! We always laugh, laugh, laugh!

Chatty said...

Wow - quite a haul - and much deserved. So glad you got an espresso machine AND your art supplies, and I bet the necklace is beautiful. And, thank HEAVENS! Wifester finally has her new camera. No more pitiful stories from FC about her "lousy" cell phone pictures. A great relief to us all! And I loved your description of the whipping wind. Very vivid ; )
Happy New Year to you and Wifester, and congrats on your new "auntie" status...

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sounds like a great time! We BOTH need to win the lottery!!!!

Happy New Year!