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Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Shameless Self Promotion and a Meme from Tink...

I'm so super psyched! I sold my first painting on Etsy! A for real and for true sale, not to a friend or family member who wanted to help me out! Judy Garland, she was posted on Tuesday, or Wednesday, and by Friday she was sold. Thank you so much Etsy buyer, from Orlando! I'm finally beginning to feel like a real artist. Of course, I suppose I'd need to die first, then have all my paintings sell in order to properly feel like a real artist, but that's really not an option for me. I plan on living for a while yet. There's so many places I want to travel and see so I can paint there. I've got plans, you know.
Anyways, I was just so super psyched about that one selling, I had to toot my own horn.
I think I'll hop to it and make some more in similar fashion and see how they do on etsy. Couldn't hurt. At the very least, I hope to make enough to keep me with a supple art supply budget. Wifester says earnings from my art should be spent as I see fit, and I see fit to buy more art supplies so that I can make more art! Is that selfish? I mean, I do have a full time job that pays bills and then some, so really, it's not like I'm letting my family suffer while I buy paint and canvas. It just feels so selfish. Like I could use that money for Christmas shopping, or groceries, or party supplies, but eh...feed the addiction with the profits from the addiction, I suppose.

I started a new piece, it will be a Christmas present for my neices. I hope they'll like it. I received a portrait of them recently, and thought I can make them a FortuneCookies style portrait, bet they'd like that. Their mom had asked me if I could make a painting for them a while back, and I've procrastinated, so here's this, think they'll like?

Now, on to the Meme! I've felt kinda bad for not playing in the WWC as of late, so when I saw this meme suggestion over at Tink's, I had to join in.
Here it is:

Answer these questions here or on your own blog with a link to it in the comment section.

1. What was the best present you've ever received?
2. What was the worst?
3. What is something you really want this year for yourself?
4. What is something you really want this year for someone else?
5. What's your favorite Christmas memory?

1. my new pc from my wifester

2. ugly flannel pj's that my mom later told me I owed her 14.95 for

3. aside from that mermaid mug? a Dyson! or a cappuccino machine

4. There's something I've been wanting for Wifester for a very long time...sure hope Santa brings it!

5. It wasn't really Christmas, but Wifester and I went to Ohio, where her family lives in between Christmas and Thanksgiving a few years ago, because that's when I could get the phone company nazis to give me time off, and her family had a huge Christmas party for us, and we played dirty santa and got drunk and Wifester sang "baby got back" on karaoke was a HOOT!

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


Tink said...

I commented on this on Gary's blog too. Your Mom made you PAY for your own (ugly) present? You didn't though, right? You told her to shove it or something. At least that's how I play it out in my head. ;)

Tink said...

Oh, and congrats on the sale of your painting! You're hitting the big leagues now bay-beee. :)

Jessica said...

So awesome! You must feel amazing!! :D

Chatty said...

CONGRATULAITONS on selling your first painting! You go, girl!
And, I think your nieces will LOVE their painting - just hope they don't argue over which one gets to hang it in her room!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Congrats on the sale! That's wonderful!

And you ARE an artist! Period.