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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time Keeps on Ticking Away

Just a reminder:
tomorrow is the deadline to leave a comment here letting me know if you are participating in The Christmas Challenge. If you are a lurker and wish to remain out of the spotlight, email me at, we'll keep it on the down low.
Remember, you pick a charity orgizization that gives Christmas to the less fortunate, donate to it (money, gifts, time however you can) , let me know no later than Dec. 15, and on Dec. 17th I will put your names in a bowl and draw a lucky blogger (or lurker) and then I send YOU a PRIZE!

It truly is a win, win, win situation!
So what are you still doing here? Go find a reputable charity to help this holiday season...scat! shoow! Go on now, time's a ticking!

3 cookies cracked:

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I shall be donating my O- to the Red Cross Dec 23 and perhaps a little more.

Fortune Cookies said...

Gary - GREAT! that will work, you're in!

Chatty said...

Hi, FC! You know the course I am taking (final class tomorrow night) that I mentioned in my blog? Well, we all donated money, and I am in charge of using it for a project called KIVA - which funds loans to people in developing countries who, because of their circumstances, cannot get loans from "regular" banks. It's a wonderful thing. We had raised this money, and there were lots of suggestions about how to use it - but they were all one-time donations. I suggested KIVA because our money could KEEP ON GIVING. Once the loans we make are paid back (and out of almost 14 million dollars loaned, there is only a 3.1% default - and most of those because crops failed, or the government of the countries changed!!!) we can then take the money and re-invest it in more people. So, in theory, our $500 could be loaned over and over and over again. I am now in the process of choosing the first people we will loan to. I have a small committee that will help me choose, and then we will report to the whole class every 6 months to a year by email - or each time a loan is paid back. So, it is not technically a DONATION, but I think it qualifies for what you are urging us to do. And I applaud you for thinking of it!
I hope you and Wifester are having a wonderful holiday season! xox