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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WWC - Regret & Pure

OK,so it's a day late, and a dollar short, but hey, that's kinda the story of my life. School has had me crazy,(not that I wasn't already) and in fact, I was a bit behind on some homework and really needed to get that up to date. Now I have a nice long weekend coming up and I'm sooooooooo happy for THAT. Sometimes I get myself into more than I know how to handle, and this has been one of those times. I'm learning how to balance and juggle everything that I have going on right now, but these things take time to get a handle on.
That being said, my WWC is late, and pretty much fully taken via my cell phone this week. Again, it was difficult to pry the good camera away from the wife when we were out having fun, and when we weren't out having fun, I was either at work, working, or in school, being well, schooled.
Speaking of being schooled, Tink, of Pickled Beef, sch
ooled us all on the pleasures of running nekked through the woods, but maybe she skipped the day in which they taught us about the gargantuan alligators that reside in the woods in Florida...
Oh well, she made it back, without becoming tasty alligator snacks, and hosted this week's WWC with the words Regret and Pure.
Here's my interpretation.

Regret :

I regret to inform you that my neighbors STILL have not cut their grass...

look! it's all the way up to the top step already! ri-friggin diculous!

Me, displaying regret:

and I bet these guys regretted landing in this web (my one and only opportunity to pry the camera from the wife's hands)


The Ani Difranco show was pure joy for me
Sunny-dog looks like she's in pure heaven when she lays her head on my pillow

purely for fun, what if the wife and I could make a baby?

Alright, yall, that's all I got this week. I know, I know. Soon I'll be back in the game with a ferocious vengeance, but for now, I must focus on school and work and getting my Green La Vergne group up and running…sigh.

WWC is so fun, if you think you want to join in and play along, go see Tink, she'll show you how.

Oh, and don't forget to drop by the WWC Flickr page too!

Next week's words are Penultimate and Entrance! OOOOH, those otta be fun!

8 cookies cracked:

gr said...

something seems different here....
and that pic of you, regret? you're so cute! all pouty!

Jay said...

They might have been a day late, but they were still great!

Do you have a homeowners association? If you do sick 'em on your neighbors! LOL

Karen said...

Great Photos. I had some nice comments, but blogger ate them, I think. :)

Tink said...

Can you imagine being one of the kids used for that matching game? Like, THAT'S their claim to fame. What's up with your neighbor's grass? Are you ever tempted to mow it for them? We have neighbors like that too. Only they like to grow weeds the size of trees. Ugh.

Alice said...

haha, your poor kid will be forced to have a side ponytail? :-)

that grass is unbelievable...!

Fortune Cookies said...

gr- how observant you are! yes, I like to change things around a bit from time to time, but I can't decide how I like it best.
I am well versed at pouty, just ask my wife!

jay - homeowners assc?! puhlease! that's for nice neighborhoods, not hoods! lol

karen - i love when blogger eats comments ,dont you?

tink - only thing better would be the kid that modeled for the cabbage patch mold!
I am seriouslly tempted to pay my lawn guy to cut theirs, but then again, they'd probably come to expect it.

alice- I know, right! what IS up with that sideways ponytail??

Reb said...

Oh, Gary is right you're so cute when you pout! Well done! I would check with your city bylaw department and see if they have some kind of law and sic them on the neighbours. That is really bad!

Anonymous said...

Your neighbors aren't quite there yet...they need an old sofa sitting out there, or maybe a junker car?
Aren't dogs the cutest bed hogs?
And I love the spider web!