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Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's The Equality, Stupid and Hooray for Macy's

New York Gov. David Paterson told his state agencies that he wants them to begin recognizing same-sex marriages performed in states and countries where they are legal. Acording to a May 14th memo, he told state agencies to revise policies and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages performed in California and Massachusetts as well as Canada and other countries that allow gays and lesbians to marry.
This means that if I lived in New York, my marriage licence from Canada would be legally recognized. Wifey and I would no longer be second class citizens, unable to file taxes together, finally able to have our mortgage in both of our names. Finally able to have family insurance coverage rather than two single plans. I could go on and on, but you already know. It's rather trite at this point to continue to list the reasons over and over. I get so sick of hearing the hate spewing people say things like (using my best redneck voice here) "those gays want special rights, dammit". There's nothing special about wanting EQUALITY. We just want to be equal to our heterosexual counterparts. Enjoy the same benefits, rights, and liberties that they enjoy. No more, no less. Equality. That's what it's all about.

At this time, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey , and Vermont permit civil unions, and California, as we know, recently passed same-sex marriage. At this rate, who knows, maybe my children will see a world in which their mommies are free. Free to be married, share custody, have access to healthcare under eachother's plans, file taxes jointly, you know, all that stuff you heterosexuals take for granted. It could happen. We are living in the land of the FREE after all.

and, check out this little gem :
it says "First comes love. Then comes marriage. And now it's a milestone every couple in California can celebrate."
Hooray for Macy's! They get it. Well, maybe they just understand that traditionally queers have the disposable income that our hetro-counterparts don't. You know, we don't have so many kids to feed and clothe and send to school so, there yah go. And in today's market, of course they are going to pander to those with extra cash to spend. Who wouldn't? But hell, they are surely going to loose some of their customers, you know the ones, "I ain't shoppin' at Macy's no more if they gonna cater to them queers"
Anywho - I wish I could get married all over again just to register with *sigh* Macy's, sweet wonderful Macy's! Ok, here's the deal-e-o on the Macy's registration. You get two drop down boxes, each one gives you a "bride"," groom", or "partner" option! Sweet. Right now, I so effin' HEART Macy's!

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Karen said...

Gov. Patterson is doing the absolute right thing. NY would recognize if you killed someone in a different state. They recognize if you have speeding tickets in another state. Of course they have to recognize if you are legally married in another state. That is only logic. That little thing called reciprocity. :-)

I love that he came right out and said it though. That is a bit of progress.

Jay said...

Those who oppose gay marriage are on the losing end of history. The initiative in California to stop gay marriage will fail. (I hope) And at some point every state outside of the South and Utah and Idaho and a couple of other plains states will allow gay marriage.

I wonder if Obama or Clinton would try to repeal DOMA? It would be interesting if Hillary would since her husband signed it. LOL ;-)

Fortune Cookies said...

Karen - I love that he came right out and said it too. reciprocity means nothing (when it comes to this topic) in 45 or so other states so YAY for the few, the brave.

Jay - let's not forget Hillary and Bill are not one in the same, they are seperate intentaties, you know. That being said, it would be a little twisted to see Clinton repeal Clinton's DOMA! HA! I liked Bill, he was the better option at the time, but I will never understand all the gay support for the man who signed DOMA and Don't Ask, Don't Tell...two of the most harmful peices of legislation to the gay community and civil rights in my generation. Me no comprende!

Reb said...

I find it amazing that so many states are still against this! Good for Macy's, I suspect you are right though, they are just looking at the financial aspect.

Chatty said...

Karen expressed it beautifully, so I won't repeat.
But, way to go, Macy's! Let's hope other stores get the drift soon. Let the hate-mongers shop elsewhere - I don't think Macy's will have a problem with this (losing customers) - because hate-mongers are so often morons who can't even use a computer, much less understand a "drop-down" list ;)
So, why don't you just renew your vows? PLAN another celebration, get registered (at Macy's!) - and just enjoy it all over again?! I for one will weigh in with a fondue pot or a mini-Cuisinart or something ; )

Fortune Cookies said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know if my fingers got type happy or what, but jay, that was supposed to be entities, not itentaries. LOL

Chatty - if you're bringing foudue, I'm remarrying wifey fo-sho! mmmmm fondue. Did you ever read about how that was one of our first dates?

Chatty said...

Nope - but I've read it now! I remember going to the Ryman. Back then, you had to be careful not to step in chewing tobacco...I've heard the Melting Pot is fantastic - we're supposed to be getting one here. I love fondue. I have a French friend who makes it and she has spoiled me forever. I didn't know you lived in California - I spent many many years there in "the industry". I do miss the ethnic diversity and availability, food-wise. My husband went to one of Bob Newhart's shows in Vegas - said he was hilarious. In his opinion, Newhart and Bill Cosby put on two of the best shows ever. I haven't seen either of them, so I couldn't say. But Nashville gets a LOT of great talent coming through, so you and Macey are lucky that way. Your description of how much you like Peter's had me on the floor, btw. And should I ever make it to Nashville again, I will not only bring the fondue (my friend's recipe) but also leave the pot with you when I depart; )
Hope you guys are having a nice weekend.

Tink said...

About time! The general narrow mindedness of this country bothers me. Seriously, WHY do the people against this care? How could it possibly effect them personally? Are they against equality, or maybe love? So stupid.

Jo said...

The change has been sooo slow in coming, but I like to believe it'll gain momentum from this point.

If Macy*s loses asshat customers over this, I'll just shop there 3 times as much.

WomensDaily said...

Governor Patterson is starting out on the right foot. Good for him for what he did and he's doing and for not backing down on what he believes.