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Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Blooms

The weekend is upon us and THANK GOD for that! My neighbors STILL have not cut the grass, and it has reached the point of being as tall as the fence in their back yard. Sad. The grass is taller than their front porch. The day before yesterday, as I stood outside watering my flowers, talking with Wifester, said neighbor sat on his front porch step smoking a cigarette. I don't get how you can sit on your ass and look at grass like that and not do something about it. When I lived with the Party Boys, we partied. We stayed out till 4am drinking, consuming mass quantities of illicit substances, wreaking havoc all across town, and quite often, being subdued by Nashville's finest. Yet, with all of that going on, we were still able to get up on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and cut the damned grass. One time, our lawn mower was broken, so one of the party boys, J, got a brilliant idea, mostly triggered I'm sure, by the fungi he'd been eating for the hallucinogenic effects...His chemically altered ingenuity lead us to take hedge trimmers and get on hands and knees and cut our grass. Oh, we did it alright. We were a threesome of madness out there on the lawn, gigantic scissors in hand, laughing our mind-altered asses off, but we did it, and our lawn looked nice again. One time, we pawned movies that we no longer watched so that we could pay someone to cut our grass. Yeah, we were those people. Hey, I don't claim to have lead a perfect life. I've lived a life. But I've kept my lawn from becoming an urban jungle, even in midst of being in the house of "The Party Boys and Lesbot Too".

All I'm saying is if we could keep up with our yard, so can they.
Ok, enough about that. Here's some good stuff from MY yard. I took the pup out this morning for her morning potty and SURPRISE! My lily has given me such a beautiful bloom! Just look at this!

Ahhh... that makes me feel better. Then I noticed, just behind it, another bloom. This one the wife picked out. I'm not really sure what this flower is called, I just know it's pretty. I have yet to plant it, it's sitting there in the pot we bought it in, I'm gonna dig a hole and plant it today when I get home. I'm sure it'll be happy. I've placed a nice trellis for it to climb. Here's wifey's pick:

Today is full of prizes for me, not only did my garden give me these lovely blooms, but I only have to work a half a day, then I get to go get my hair cut! YIPPPPPEEEE! Annnnnnnd... best of all.... 3 DAY WEEKEND!

I never saw such a thing when I worked at the phone company. I never saw such a thing in retail, in nursing, or at the hotel. This is a whole new world for me, and quite frankly, I'm loving it. I am basking in the glory of a nice cushy job with perks that are perky and incentives that are
motivating rather than condescending.

That's it for today, my job awaits...Have a great weekend yall, and be safe!

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Karen said...

I hate your neighbors.

I don't know if you read Leighann's site, but she has a post about sexy mermaids today. Made me think of you. Check it out if you feel inclined.

Jay said...

Yeah, check out Leighann's mermaids!

A half-day of work then a three day weekend?? Wooo-hoo!