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Monday, May 12, 2008

Thinking of the Pandas & WWC

[AP] photo from article on Mei Xiang(L) and Tian Tian, the Smithsonian National Zoo

I was just reading about the horrible earthquake that struck China. 12,000 dead, so far. So far. That's horrific. The other thought that staggers my mind is that the region that was worst hit by this quake, Sichuan, is also the native home of 80% of China's Panda population, who are already endangered. There's only something like 1600 of them total. I wonder how long before we get some counts on how many of them remain. I'm very sad for China, and extremely sad for the panda's. This planet is home to us humans, who overpopulate it, pollute it, try to control it, and take it for granted, while creatures, like the Great Panda, risk extinction. Earth is facing some geographically, biologically, and meterologically changing circumstances. Without some serious efforts, 7 days a week, the plants, animals, and landscape that we know and love could be forever changed or gone. Which leads me to ... Earth and 7... the subjects of this weeks Weekly Words Challenge,brought to us by the talented and currently relaxing Tink, of Pickled Beef .Remember,if you want to play along, go see her, and don't get anyone into any kind of trouble, Tink's on vacation and we're all on strict orders to behave, pfffffft. whatevs. Like the the bloggosphere even has that word in their realm of reference.
Since Tink has everyone on lockdown, I had to shoot photos in my own yard and neighborhood this week. No strip clubs, strick orders from the Tinkster! I know, I know, how boooooooring! Oh, and a little off the subject, did I tell you guys? My Green LaVergne group had our first meeting! YAY. Thats my litter pick up team that I've been organizing. We hit the neighborhood last weekend, there was only four of us, but hey, as my friend says, magnificent things start with minuscule beginnings, just look at pearls! We removed several bags of garbage, a tire, tons of cigarette butts, you name it, we removed it. Anyone in the La Vergne, TN area who may be interested in the effort, see the Green La Vergne link at the top of my page.
Ok, ok, enough shameless self here's my WWC. Our words this week were 7 and Earth...

random 7's

this is how I tend the earth around mi casa, I decorate it with beautiful flowers and cutsie frogs playing chess ...aren't they adorable?

Oh, and don't forget to check out the WWC on Flickr too!
Thanks for stopping by! Come on back, and do keep the pandas in your thoughts, and all those people who have lost homes, friends, moms, children,'s a horrible thing, a little well wish or good thought from you and you and you will do a world of good, I swear, it really will!

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Jay said...

That Earthquake was terrible. I'm sure that death toll will climb quite a bit over the next few days too.

I've never heard of earthquakes resulting in a lot of wildlife killed like tornadoes and hurricanes and stuff like that do.

Great job on the WWC! Well done.

gr said...

whoa, those are all your flowers? gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Frogs playing chess? Wonderful!
You have an impressive green thumb, too.

Did you take the photo of the pandas at the National Zoo? I have yet to go there.

I can hardly taken in more disaster news, on the heels of Burma's tragedy. But I didn't realize it was in panda country...that only increases the sorrow.

Scenery compliments of the Shenandoah River Valley in western VA, inbetween rainstorms. Thanks for visiting!

Alice said...

the 7 one is so neat! cool effect..

and VERY pretty flowers :-)

Real Live Lesbian said...

The earthquake news is truly devastating. It just boggles my mind.

The flowers are gorgeous! And I'd like to set up a game with your frog. I think I've finally found someone that I can beat at chess! :)

Karen said...

Green thumb and talented photographer, not really fair, is it? Also I like your collages, fun effects.

Krishna said...

Nice collages.
Yeah, I'm thinking of the earthquake victims as well as the cyclone victims who cannot get outside relief. Makes me very sad and how fortunate we are.

Fortune Cookies said...

Jay - youre right, it will continue to climb. actually natural disasters cause a lot of wildlife deaths, you just don't hear it on mainstream news often. after hurricane katrina, aligators were drowning because they couldn't find a place to rest, dogs, cats, cows, uncountable livestock was lost. sadly, animal life isn't seen as quite news worthy...
gr- the only ones that aren't mine are the mailbox flowers- thanks, i work hard on my yard
kcinnova- panda photo is not mine. i wish, it's an ap photo. Shenandoah is heaven!
alice - i was hesitant about the 7s but threw em out there anyways, so I'm glad i second guessed myself
rll- those frogs play a mean game, they've been reading the bobby fischer story!
karen- gosh! thanks! i only wish i was all those things.

Chatty said...

congrats on getting some action with the trash pickup - you go, girl! I did collages this week, too, but I LOVE your seven one, with the cool effect. I, too, have been thinking about China. The numbers are almost too big to get my head around, so I sort of zeroed in on the pandas...they say at least 300 of them are safe somewhere else in China, but I have hopes that they'll find good news about the others, too, and that the death toll may be inflated. The idea of 6 and 7 story high schools is just scary, though...sorry didn't mean to get off on that depressing topic.

Reb said...

Love your compositions, beautiful garden.
Between the volcanoes and cyclones and earthquakes, it is shaping up to be a bad season.

Tink said...

You are totally rocking the collages this week. I especially love the flowers! I can't tell you how starved I am for them. Hoop has this "no girl things" policy about the yard. I practically have to smuggle in anything that blooms. When it does, I exclaim, "Oh, look at that! I had no idea it had FLOWERS!"

Fortune Cookies said...

Chatty- i was reading that the main concern with the panda habitat, aside from the saftey of the workers that they have yet to locate, is wether or not they will be able to get enough bamboo in there to feed them...very concerning-and those people still trapped- oh my god! is it possible to be too empathetic? my heart has been breaking over all of the recent natural disasters, man made disasters, everything.
reb - my garden is my escape from the real world- it is shaping up to be a doosey this go round, eh?
tink - here's my secret to get blooming beauty in the yard i just utter these little words "it adds property value and curb appeal" works like a charm...when hoop starts seeing those blossoms as future dollar signs for himself, i bet you get a flower bed of your own! ;)