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Friday, May 2, 2008

Blogging from my death bed

I'm not really sure what virus, bacteria, or otherwise evil enchantment was the culprit, but something has rendered me virtually useless today. I have vomited until there is no more fluid left in my body. I know you wanted to hear all about that. Why am I risking certain death to be out of bed and upright? To tell you that my litter removal idea has taken off locally. I was not getting anywhere with you guys ;) (nudge, nudge) so I ventured over to the This is LaVergne blog... you've probably seen her link over on my blog-roll. It just so happened that the day I strolled there, she had an open-thread going, asking whats on our minds. Me, being the person that I am, spoke up and said that the garbage on the sides of the streets has been on my mind, and bam! The response has been tremendous. Now I'm getting emails, we're organizing a committee, setting up dates to clean up LaVergne, and networking. One person even chimed in with tips on how we can recycle the trash we pick up and then donate the proceeds to the local chapter of the Humane Society. AWESOME! Community in action. Just what I like to see. Oh, and guess who's been nominated as Chairperson of the Beautification Committee? Your very own, Fortune Cookies! Ok, so it's a made up committee, and a nomination made in jest, but hey, I take positive reinforcements anywhere I can get them ;) Here's the link to the thread, if you're interested.
And now, I'm going back to bed, hopefully I'll live to see my city litter free.

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R.E.H. said...

That's a good initiative. People should really put in an effort to keep our neighborhoods nice and clean. It makes living there all that much more pleasant.

Now, get well soon!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Gosh, I hope you're feeling better! My goodness.

PB vomited last night, unexpectedly, but went off to school this AM. He has a track meet this afternoon--I hope he's recovered and doesn't make himself sicker running.

DO be better.

Great cleaning initiative! Good work! YAY!

Fortune Cookies said...

r.e.h. - nothing worse than trying to take a nice walk and having to step over discarded litter. give a hoot, don't pollute! ;)

Mary - thanks! I'm very excited about the Green LaVergne committee! I'll keep you updated. I am almost completely back to my normal self now. I hope PB is much better!