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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Down Time

So as you know, I was out of commission late last week and through the weekend. This gave me ample time to catch up on my netflix rentals that have been sitting atop the entertainment center begging to be watched. I realize that most, if not all of you, have probably already seen Juno, so I wont even go into what a delightful movie that was, you already know. The one I wanna tell you about is one that I'd never heard of, until Bob and Tom talked about it on the radio one morning...Lars and the Real Girl. Oh my gawd! Why did it take the Bob and Tom Show to open my eyes the warm nuances of such a brilliantly entertaining film about a guy and his Real Girl doll? This movie is definitely worth taking a look at, if you haven't already. I was pleasantly surprised by the content, the layers of rich sub context, and the many opportunities to whole heartedly laugh. One of my favorite scenes, was when Lars and his Real Girl have a fight, then, talk it out. There's just so much, like when he can't wake her up. Or when he takes her to "meet" his brother and sister in law for the first time, and asks his sister in law if the real girl can borrow some clothes.
After the movie, my wife had to, of course, look up Real Girl dolls. Those puppies go for six grand! I asked her if I needed to be worried, but she assures me, it's only for research purposes. We had fun playing on their web site. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see just how specific a person can make their dolls. The answer is pretty friggin specific. However, due to safety issues, shipping issues, etc, they will not make a Real Doll larger than a size 12 I think it was. Translation, if you fantasize about a plump faux-woman to keep you company, too bad for you. Apparently they are afraid that some schmuck will get smothered under her and sue. Maybe he already has. Sigh. What a shame. The fat girl gets the shaft, yet again.
The movie is less about the doll for the purposes that you would expect, and more of a feel good movie. I really enjoyed it fully and now, I think I'll buy it. I highly recommend it.
The movie, not the doll you pervs!

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Karen said...

The movie is in my Netflix Que. I have seen some previews and it does look good.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I'm farther behind than you and haven't seen it yet.

YAY, glad it was good.

Jay said...

I've got it in my NetFlix queue also. It's pretty far down my list, but I really do want to see it. It looks hilarious.

Did you know that Drew Carey supposedly has one of those Real Dolls? He keeps her in the living room and when guests come over he introduces them to the doll. LOL

Tink said...

Hoop and I watched that movie not that long ago and LOVED it. It was different than what I thought it would be (in a good way). In the beginning Hoop was like, "Are we going to end up feeling sorry for this wacko?" I think I saw a tear in his eye at the end when the doll "died".