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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WWC - Smooth & Rough

Oh my! This week's WWC came up so fast!

I could have gone so many different directions with these words, my little brain went scrambeling. I decided to keep it family friendly, however.

Here's what I came up with for


this keeps my lips smooooooth, or I suppose I could say without it my lips are Rough...

Our "Bat Building" is kinda smooth looking

My favorite beads are smooth :)


if it wasn't for this, my mornings would be pretty rough

my rough tribute to Edvard Munc's The Scream, which is in itself a symbol of a very rough time,you might say.

And if I have to use this on you, it's gonna be a pretty rough day ;)
Oh yeah, and if you wanna play, go see Tink!

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Jay said...

That bat building is super cool!

I have a thing of pepper spray too. I kept it with me cause I used to work very late nights when I lived in San Antonio and I lived in the Hood. LOL

Unfortunately I never got to use it on anyone. I really kinda hoped I would get the chance. Oh well. haha

Great job on the pics! You did great!

Newt said...

Those are great. I did coffee too as smooth cup of coffee to fix a rough morning. Very nice WWC!!!

gr said...

Bat buildng! Ha!
Hey, secret life of bees was a great book, do ya like it?

kcinnova said...

I can almost taste that coffee! And I love how you managed to get 2 books into the pics, too. :)

PS: Sadly, blogger keeps eating my comments...

Tink said...

The bat building rocks. I thought about getting pepper spray to put in my purse. But knowing me, I'd accidentally spray myself or someone else. Worse still, it would probably be while driving. That's just how I roll.

g-man said...

Good job this week. MMMmmm coffee. and that bat building were wicked cool.

moo said...

LOVE the bat building!

And that last photo reminds me of the episode of The Office, when Dwight pepper sprays Roy. Funny!

Reb said...

Great interpretation, love the photo of the very cool bat building!

Fortune Cookies said...

Jay- pepper spray is a bit self-defeating, if the wind is blowing slightly wrong, you catch it too...
newt-, say no more!
gr- it is a great book! I can't put it down!
kcinnova- books are usually not too far away from me at any given time :)
tink- we, in nashville, love our "bat building" it used to look much more it's nickname when it had the big at&t emblem dangling between those peeks!
Gman- I used to say mmmmmmm beer, now it's mmmmmm coffee! and mmmmm wine! ;)
moo- I HEART the office! you just made me smile from the inside out! and you made Macey happier than Jan's new boobs made Michael!
reb- bat building is fav. it appears. we like it too. it's nashville's coolest building, in my opinion.

R.E.H. said...

Oh, please don't use that pepper spray on me! ;)

Love your rendition of the Scream! There's just something about that painting that speaks to me.

Good job!

Fortune Cookies said...

r.e.h.- Thanks! I love The Scream too. My mini-scream sits on my desk at work lol although, now it's not so telling of how I feel at work as it used to be at the previous job, thank god!