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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stop! It's WWC Time!

So it's once again time for the Weekly Words Challenge, brought to us by Tink. If you want to join the fun, go see Tink. She'll set you up.

This week's words are :

Shiny & Era


my wedding bling is shiny :)

my toes and my shoe bling are shiny

Shiny-Happy Coffee Cups


This photo is very sad for me...

it represents the end of an era. This used to be Starwood Ampitheater. It's where I went to my first concert, where I went to many concerts. Soon it will be condos.

More of the destruction of my coming of age era

And here's a whole new era:

our little area is sure growing up fast! before we know it she'll be going off to school and, oh wait, I'm talking about a city... ok well, it's still growing quickly. We got a Super Target, YAY! I can super shop one stop style and still boycott Wallyworld! All is right with the world.

OK there's my WWC for this week. Remember, if you wanna join, go see TINK

10 cookies cracked:

Tink said...

Cute toes chick! You put my little sausages to shame. :)

Newt said...

OOOhhhh very nice WWC this week. Super Targets ROCK! We love ours. I get lost inside for hours. It's almost sad actually.

Jay said...

Great job on the words this week!

It's always sad when places that hold good memories for us are torn down like that.

moo said...

very cool era photos.

LOVE the shiny sandles ... I COVET.

g-man said...

Must be the day for ring bling :) Nice job. Congrats on Target! :)

R.E.H. said...

Cool looking smiley face cups! And, I would hate to see the place I went to see my first concert at demolished. It is still standing there - although it's far away, so I can't really ever see it ;)

Well played!

Reb said...

Good choices this week. Sometimes progress is not a good thing.

Fortune Cookies said...

Tink - shucks!

newt- me loves super target too!

jay - yes, i'm seeing a lot of my memories destroyed by the new developments, it is sad.

moo - thanks, I heart those shoes

gman - must be, all i know is that the shiny of my ring distracts me every day- multiple times ;)

reh - arent those the cutest cups?! i wanted the whole lot of them, i think they'd turn sad if separated.

reb - i agree. i am ambivalent over the progress we are having. there's both positives and negatives to it.

Karen said...

Cool photos.....I think you are going to get all those foot fetish folk stopping by. :)

gary said...

your little toesies!