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Monday, April 28, 2008

WWC and Let them have it!

It's that magical time of the week again, time for the Weekly Words Challenge, brought to us by every one's favorite pixie dust wielding Tink, of Pickled Beef. If you're thinking you want to give your camera a weekly words workout, go see Tink, she'll show you how.

Before I get my photos posted, I want to catch up on the planned weekend happenings, or um, lack thereof.
My friend and I who were supposed to get together and go to the museum didn't get to do it, as usual, something spoiled the plans, and believe it or not, it wasn't even the 30,000 runners running the marathon in the middle of where we wanted to be that spoiled our fun. We're used to it by now, something always comes up, as I mentioned the other day. She had to cancel at the last minute this time, due to an injury incurred the day before, so, in lieu of the planned outing with my lifelong BFF, me, my snookums, and the other lesbians next door all went out shopping and lunching and just being the four of us, as we usually do. We decided to just let the marathoners have downtown and went the complete opposite direction to avoid all the traffic and mess of the Country Music Marathon or Music City Marathon (or whatever the hell marathon they call it this year) and ended up at a really cool nursery where I bought lots of new babies for my tiny little flower garden, YAY! Then it started raining before I made it home, so I couldn't plant anything- boo! It's still raining, as a matter of fact, and about 20 degrees colder than Saturday, so, litter removal will have to wait for at least another day, until it's not raining anyway. But I promise you, I am still going out to pick up garbage from my neighborhood and get that posted here, within the next few days. I still welcome anyone to join in :) After that we explored and found a World Market in Murfreesboro, WOOT! I found lots of yummmy stuff there as well as my wife standing starry eyed and possibly drooling in front of the magnificent beer selection that only their coffee selection parallels. I still had a wonderful day with good friends and found hidden treasures within each place I explored. I love days like that.
Ok, now about the WWC...
My sweetums kept custody of the camera for the majority of the weekend, and snarled and growled, no matter if I batted my eyelashes and innocently pleaded for access to it or sharply snapped my fingers and barked "GIVE IT HERE". Honestly, she has such a way about her, makes me melt like ice cream on august pavement. As much as I hate to admit it, she deserves to keep the camera, just look at her photos! I'm going to have to break down and get her that damned camera she wants. until then, the great camera war continues...
This week, we were looking for Water & 1. I like Tink's idea of using an element and a number, it can be tricky!

here's my interpretation of Water & 1 : of these is not like the others, yeah, it's a stretch

16 cookies cracked:

Karen said...

Cool photos as always. That last shot is amazing.

Alice said...

i totally punked out on WWC this week, which is so lame because water! how cool! and i didn't do anything with it :-(

glad you had fun despite the 30k runners :-)

Karen said...

Okay, go buy the woman the camera. If for no other reason than you can keep the current one. Because both of your pictures are great. Yes I actually checked her flicker account. Beautiful!
My favorite of your shots is the reflection in the water on the porch. What a wonderful picture!

kcinnova said...

poor sad little wine bottle with no friends! Methinks you should buy it some friends! :)
Nice reflection shot. I tried to take one, but failed...had to go with golden droplets instead.

Daisy said...

Love the photos.

Is that sponge bob hiding in the first one?

I think the second one is my fave; texture and wonder rolled into ONE!

Tink said...

That wine bottle is empty isn't it? ;)

Great pictures. I especially love the last. And I agree with everyone else, you BOTH need a cameras. Maybe we should start a fundraiser.

moo said...

I think I like the single wine bottle the best ... there's something so ambiguous about it. Was there once more wine? Is there only ever one bottle?

Great. Now I want a glass of wine.

Jay said...

All the pics where great, but I really like the first one. Really funky!

Yup, you're gonna have to become a two camera family.

Newt said...

Those are great. I love #2 and the apple one too. Very very nice!

Reb said...

The first shot is really neat, but I love the water droplets on the stained glass wing and that apple shot is something else. Yes, you have to get another camera for your wife.

Krishna said...

I have to agree--that last shot is wonderful-- very artsy!

Fortune Cookies said...

Karen - seems that last one is this weeks pick :)

Alice- you only get to punk out 1 time, after that, the blogger fairies hunt you down and, well, lets just say, you only get to punk out one time ;)

karen - boy don't i wish i could just go buy the woman a camera! but she's soooo darn specific, the camera she wants is like a mortgage thinking a good ole liquor store heist otta do it!

kcinnova - everytime I buy it some friends, they disapear. ~someone is drinking all my wine! ;) naughty, naughty someone

daisy - Ha! that may very well be sponge bob...I'll have to look closer when I get home, most likely, though, it's just a portion of an aquarium plant.

Tink - why, yes, that wine bottle is empty, and I didn't get a drop, I swear! ;) um... so who's up for helping me rob the liquor store to buy the woman her canon rebel xti?any takers? joking! im joking people!

Moo- I think I like the wine bottle best too, but for different reasons lol

Jay - why thank you, I was pleased with the waterfall effect from the aquarium filter too. I agree, maybe if she behaves, she'll get that snazzy camera she's begging for, I mean, she does have to put up with me day in and day out, she otta get something nice out of it...

Newt - the one lonely apple seems to be everyone's fav. it wouldn't be so nice without the lovely fruit bowl made by my sweetums!

reb- thanks, that stained glass kept coming out very blurry, but i liked the colors anyways.

krishna- it's agreed, apple wins as a fav, thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll be back.

R.E.H. said...

Love the shot of the apple at the end there. All great pictures!

Well played!

Chatty said...

Yep, she definitely needs her own camera! Glad you had a good day, and that you found a World Market - that place is DANGEROUS, though. And I've never even checked out the beer section! I remember that in 4 years of college I WORE OUT 3 umbrellas in Nashville - they didn't break, mind you, the waterproofing WORE OFF. I guess we know why Nashville as some of the most beautiful parks and golf courses of any city in the nation. I love your fist picture - very artsy - what is it, btw? And the front porch is lovely, as is the apple. But you are definitely a two-camera family - I say bite the bullet and buy her one!

gr said...

wow, only one bottle of wine left, better go shopping, huh?
listen, the apple shot is the BEE'S KNEES, so cool.

Fortune Cookies said...

r.e.h.- thanks, apple is def. a fave.this week, glad to see you back in the loop :)

chatty - nashville gets its fair share of rain in the spring, thats for sure! the first pic is water from the filter pouring into the fish tank, sneaky, sneaky, i know ;) as for buying her a camera...we'll just have to see about that ;)

gr - wow! i didn't even know bees had knees! cool!