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Saturday, April 12, 2008

White Truffle sauce, MMMMMM

Ok, so my mother in law brought us a jar of white truffle sauce,mmmmmm, when she was here visiting a couple of weeks ago,when the aunt came to visit and the paintings got censored and all...

Mmmmm white truffle sauce. My mommie in law is wonderful. Have I told yall how wonderful she is? She is beyond a doubt, the sweetest, kindest, most loving, empathetic, nurturing, and brilliantly ingenious on the spot furniture slip cover designer I've ever met. Seriously, I asked her to help me to draw out a pattern so that I could sew the cover after she left. By the time she left 4 days later, the cover was complete and I had a brand new chaise lounge!

Plus, she's a writer, a poet, a traveler, and a fellow free spirit. I HEART my mom in law. Not everyone gets to say that. I know, I'm quite lucky, and, I cherish the friendship that I have with my wife's mother.

Ok, ok, back to the topic at hand. White Truffle Sauce...mmmmmm. You have to stop and mmmmmm after you say those words, don't you? Try it, I'll wait. Go ahead, don't be shy. Here's a visual aid:
I know that truffles are not in season until the fall, but my sweetums is dyin' for me to cook something, anything with this sauce that her mommie brought her (us) from New York.
The only thing I can think of would be to cook lobster, truffles and pasta with the sauce. Anyone got any other ideas? I'm not a lobster gal. I won't cook em', don't want to hear the noise, even if it is steam escaping, and I won't eat anything who's face I can see.

Recipes, links to recipes, ideas for recipes, general guidelines, anything will be greatly appreciated. I am a pretty adventurous chef I might add, lobster aside, so bring it on. I'm pretty much game and not asking for the easy route out. So, whatcha got for me?

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Jay said...

That chaise lounge looks pretty comfy!

I've never tried White Truffle Sauce. I've never had truffles either. I'm so deprived. haha

Karen said...

Sorry - I am probably the worst person to ask for a truffle suggestion. They make me gag. My ex-bf's family used to make truffle mashed potatos and the smell alone would turn my stomach. I suggest googling for it.

Fortune Cookies said...

Jay - keep off my chaise! that's fighting terms! ;)
Seriously, dude, I'd of really thought that you'd be the first one with an idea for the truffles, what with all of your food network viewing and all...

Karen - yeah, I understand they are a love em or hate em kinda flavor. I'll keep em off your plate if ever I'm serving you ;)

Tequila Mockingbird said...

oh yum! i love white truffle sauce... there's a place here at the mall of america that has it and i totally stock up on it