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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Becoming the change

I was watching the news the other night, and there's a segment called ask the mayor, in which Nashvillians are granted a chance to voice questions and concerns to Mayor Karl Dean. One of the questions asked of Mayor Dean was when is he going to do something about the growing litter problem in Nashville, and why can't we get some nicely landscaped streets. The response was as to be expected, we already have regularly scheduled litter pick up in place, there really aren't funds to schedule extra pick ups, and that the city hopes to have citizens' input and assistance to get the issue under control.
As far as the nicely landscaped streets? There was never any response to that, but if you ask me, We need to get the litter under controll before anyone even considers some landscaping. Why would they spend the money on that if all we're going to do is throw trash on it and cover it up?
I say, if we want to get the litter problem under control, STOP LITTERING! Go out and PICK UP the litter. This is not an issue like, say, the increasing crime problem where police intervention is required. This is not like the issue of having some of the worst scores on aptitude tests in the nation, where better educational standards, put in place by the Metro School Board would help to correct the issue. No, this is completely in our hands. If we want our home to be litter free and clean, we need to get out there and pick up the trash.

Gandhi said that we should be the change we want to see in this world. For me that means take action.
I've made my commitment; begining this week, I will take a walk each week, garbage bag in tote. Starting with my own neighborhood, I'll pick up litter from the sides of the streets and sidewalks. I'm tired of riding through my neighborhood and seeing fast food bags, coke bottles, beer bottles, empty cigarette packs tossed out to litter what should be a pretty and scenic drive.
In the process of my litter removal, I'll get some sun and some much needed exercise. It's a win, win, win operation.
We can write letters all day long to our mayors about litter problems in our neighborhoods, but honestly, people, this one is on us and us alone.

Who wants to join me? Anyone up for a Sunday stroll and some garbage extraction? We can post photos of our efforts here like a meme to keep eachother motivated. Can you dig it?

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