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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Update on OMM and their Hate Campaign

You remember me telling you about OMM stealing Wifester's photography, right? When that happened, we were livid. We immediately emailed them and their parent company, American Family Association, to notify them that they were illegally using copyrighted material without permission, and that as the owner of the material, Wifester was demanding that they cease and desist immediately. There was no response, and no reaction. So we took it a step further. We contacted the lawyers ( who advised that copyright laws have indeed been violated, and urged us to proceed with further action), we made it public knowledge what they were doing, I blogged about it, I twittered it, we wrote it on Facebook. Family (Wifester's side of the family), friends - real life and cyber friends joined in the fight and began the counter attack by emailing OMM and AFA telling them how wrong they have been and pointing out the irony that in their quest to use Christianity and the moral standing of what they feel the the bible says is right, they have broken the 8th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Steal.
I went further and also informed them of how they were also breaking the 9th Commandment in their campaign to boycott Home Depot by bearing false witness in saying that Home Depot sought children at Pride in an attempt to lure them to events where children would be subject to "homosexual activity", making it sound as though there is some kind of gay orgy happening right there on the streets of downtown Nashville!

Pride day is a family day. It's a day for families of all kinds to come together and celebrate the diversity of the human race and to embrace the fact that it takes this very diversity to make our planet spin. It's a day to bring our children out and let them see we are everyday people. It's a day to show people like OMM and AFA that being gay doesn't mean that we are a bunch of sexual deviants who only know how to party. It's about just being a community and celebrating that community. Children are always going to be there. They are a part of our families, a part of us, and therefore a part of Pride. I am glad that so many companies set up special activities for the kids. They rather enjoy the games and crafts. What kid doesn't. Our children will be at Pride whether or not companies bring kid's crafts.

After this barrage of emails and phone calls all week long. We finally received a call from a Mr. Pat Vaughn, with AFA last night. He was a rather unpleasant man, who assumed absolutely no responsibility for the theft of Wifester's photography, and claimed to have no idea who was responsible for finding it. He says that they are very careful to only use images from public domains however, in this case he was sorely mistaken. When informed of this, he abruptly said simply, "It will be down tonight or by Monday.", and with that, Mr. Vaughn disconnected the call. As of this morning, Wifester's photography is still visible on their website.
I wonder if OMM and AFA have special exemptions from God that allow them to break certain Commandments sans penalty?

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Real Live Lesbian said...

Amazing how UN-Christian some of the "Christians" are.

Karen said...

I am glad you succeeded in getting the photo removed - assuming they keep their word and remove it.

Prohomemaker.Com said...

Good for you!! Rude SOBs, to boot!