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Monday, August 17, 2009

An open letter to One Million Moms

Dear One Million Moms,
One Fortune Cookie here. I am writing today to express my sincere and absolute disgust in your hate filled campaign against people you don't even know, as well as your dishonest and fraudulent actions of stealing other people's art and presenting it as your own, in order to propagandize and spread your insidious intolerance.
I would expect that before you embarked upon such a quest, you would cover yourself of any liable actions. However, recently it has come to my attention that you have stolen my Wifester's beautiful photography from her photography web site and used it in your anti-gay campaign against a major retailer, calling upon members of your fundamentalist group to boycott them. Shame on you! Wifester never received a request to use her photography on your site. She never had any contact from you at all.
In the past, when other web sites have found her photography appropriate for their content, they have utilized the "contact" link on her site to send her an email requesting permission. Such permission has been granted, and her photography is now seen on travel sites and others. But you, with your high moral standards and authority, seem to have the idea that you are exempt from needing permission to use other people's art. Well, let me tell you something, One Million Moms, this is called copyright infringement, and it's wrong.
I ask you to remove my Wifester's photography from your anti Home Depot campaign immediately.
And while we are on that subject...why are you only anti Home Depot? I mean, geez, everyone had a booth at Pride. I guess you better boycott all of them too. That includes other retailers, banks, restaurants, and churches as well, some of which were:
102.5 The Party (radio)
102.9 The Buzz (radio)
ACLU of Tennessee
Agape Animal Rescue
Alive Hospice
Americans United
Arlington Properties/1700 Midtown
Bangkok City
Bank of America
Beyond the Edge
Camp Bow Wow
CASA of Nashville
Church of the Living Water, The
Comprehensive Care Center
Covenant of the Cross Church
Dawn Ashley Independent Consultant - Arbonne
Dell computers
Dixon Center of Chiropractic
Domestic Violence Program of Rutherford County
Edgehill United Methodist
Fifth Third Bank
Green Party of Tennessee
Greyhound Pets of America - Nashville
Holy Trinity Community Church
Home Depot
I Plegde Eco
Instinctive Touch
It's A Wrap
J&L Mobile
Jackie Light, Weichert Realtors - The Andrews Group
JD's Cap's & Tee's
Jen Bluekissed
Jive - A Digital Print Company
Jonda Kisses
Just Imagine
KDB Concessions
Law Office of Bart Durham
Law Office of Donald D. Zuccarello
Light Connection
Lighting 100
Love Thy Pet
Lovie's Legacy
Metro Public Health Dept.
Middle Tennessee Unitarian Universalist Church
More Light Presbyterians
Music City Rollers
My Second Home Pet Resort
Nashville Grizzlies Rugby Team
Nashville Humane Association
Nashville in Harmony
Nashville Peace & Justice Center
Nashville Pharmacy
Nashville Scene
Nashville Symphony
Nashville Women's Rugby
Nick’s Gay Art World
Out and About
OutCentral Cultural Center
Outloud! Bookstore
Outright Libertarians
Paradise Travel and Market
Party Henna
Peck-er Pleasers Bird Supply
Planned Parenthood
Ready to Go
Red Panda Chainmaille
Robert Rhea Photography
Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
Smoky Mountain Rodeo Association
State Farm
Stirrup Nashville
SunTrust Bank
Tennessee Equality Project & TEP Foundation
Tennessee Glass Stains
Tennessee Repertory Theatre
The Brooks Fund
The New York Times
Therapeutic Interventions, Inc
Two Friends
Unity Church for Positive Living
Village Property Management
Vitamin Water
Wildhorse Saloon
Wow, that kinda sucks for you. It's going to be hard to find a bank in Nashville, or adopt a pet, or take your kids to the theater, huh?

4 cookies cracked:

Karen said...

I would have never checked out the One Million Moms website if you didn't point out. It is horrible that they used Wifester's photo.

Jay said...

One Million Moms is a group of truly disgusting, hate-filled people.

lessthan said...

I know this is an old post, but I think I found something related. The One Million Moms website is now password protected. What a nice high ground. They stole someone's work and now they are going to hide it.

Fortune Cookies said...

Lessthan - very interesting, indeed! Thanks for sharing that tasty tidbit with me!