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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

WWC A & Favorite Song

Guess what time it is again? That's right! It's Tuesday and that means it's time for the
Brought to us by Tink, over at Pickled Beef. Click the graphic above to go to the master participation list so you can visit all the regular players.
This week, Tink asked us to interpret, with the aide of our cameras, "A" and "Favorite Song" This was difficult, because I love so much music, it's quite hard to pin down a favorite song. I have a few. Here's my submission to this week's challenge
patriotic A

magnetic A

A is for Ani Difranco!

Favorite Song:
(click on the song titles to hear the songs and see the videos)

This one represents two different favorite songs, Beatles: Yellow Submarine and Greatful Dead: Truckin'

This one also represents two songs, Ani Difranco: Overlap and Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side

Ani Difranco: Dog Coffee

You didn't think you'd get out of here this week without me subjecting you to a TON of Ani did you?

Now, hop on over to Tink's and check out everyone else's submissions!

9 cookies cracked:

g-man said...

Wow, excellent song matching!!! I tink I am partial to the "Yellow submarine" and "Truckin". :) Nicely done.

Reb said...

Well done, lovely photos.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Go Ani!

Someone call the girl police! ;)

fiwa said...

Well done!

Hey - I noticed you read Rita Mae Brown's Ruby-fruit Jungle. I'm a big RMB fan - I'm reading her biography right now.

Have a great day -

Jay said...

Great pics and great tunes! Great job.

Tink said...

The "Dog Coffee" picture was pure brilliance and I love the magnet of Bush with tape over his mouth peeking through the other photo. Well done, girl!

Janet said...

I love these shots!!! And the fridge poetry magnets...awesome!

Aunt Jackie said...

OMG you were quite inspired this week, and Kudos for being on time... as I was not. I am up now though. Yay me!

The very first picture made me lol!

I love all of them too, and mostly cool songs!

Gramps said...

Nice shots. "Dog Coffee" sounds like a great song, but a terrible morning beverage.