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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A lesson in proper sign placement

OK, so Police Chief Boyd says that three officers spend 40 hrs a week each in Lake Forest, and that they are patrolling the streets of LFE. I have my doubts about those numbers, but alrighty, we'll go with it. If that is in fact the case, why are Stop signs being illegally occluded by random Yard Sale signs?

edited yard sale sign

that's not all, a few blocks up, there was this one:

edited stop signsBoth of these were within about three blocks of each other on La Vergne Lane, which makes me wonder, if there are police patrolling so faithfully, why is something like this allowed to stand? I mean, not only is it tacky, come on, there are plenty of light poles around to stick your signs on, but isn't it also illegal to cover up traffic signs?

Besides, even if the light poles are truly so full, there's always the very inexpensive wire sign holders that can be purchased for next to nothing at Home Depot or Lowe's or most any office supply store. They're great, you stick em in the ground, pop your sign into it, and viola, a free standing poster for your yard sale! sign holder

And if that's just too much for you, there is the free service of notifying us at The Rutherford Co Yard Sale Directory, and we'll be happy to update the Yard Sale List with your event's date, time, and address.

There are just so many ways to do it the right way, that there's just no excuse for covering up stop signs in a neighborhood where there are constantly children out in the streets. I mean, wasn't there recently a child struck by a car here in LFE?? Isn't that reason enough not to go around sticking your yard sale and garage sale signs over the Stop signs?

Which brings me around to Sunday Feelings Check Video:

*Soapbox removed...Fortune Cookies climbing down*

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Jay said...

I can't believe people tape their yard sale signs to stop signs like that. That's pretty redneck. LOL ;-)

Camlin said...

Yeah, those cops are on the job.

Actually, it would be bylaw officers tearing them down in my city. But someone would actually be doing something....

Fortune Cookies said...

Jay - Redneck, indeed!

Camlin - someone should be doing SOMETHING for sure

Real Live Lesbian said...

Jay thinks THAT's redneck? Dude, you have no idea what goes on around here!

But I totally agree with you. That wouldn't fly anywhere else. Those signs would be down immediately, and the number on them would be called and talked to about proper sign placement.

Reb said...

Unbelievable what people will do without any thought.

g-man said...

Yet another reason people are douche nozzles.