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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WWC a day late...

I spaced out and missed the WWC yesterday, so I'm playing make up...

Tink challenged us to photo-interpret Yellow & In My Purse/Wallet. Let me just say this...I'm soooooo happy that I recently changed purses and cleaned out the majority of the trash that my purse was harboring! Otherwise, I would be awkwardly embarrassed to show you!

Here's what I came up with, lame, I know, but hey, I tried!

Wifester has a menagerie of baby animal minis. Here's some of them

The current contents of my purse
have you ever seen so many keys owned by a person who doesn't even drive or own a car???

Last weekend, while Wifester, SunnyDog and I were at the park having our picnic, I played around with some of Wifester's fancy-schmancy lenses...this one gave a cool yellow color to the photos!

And that's all I got for yah this week! Tune in next week and hopefully I'll be on time.

Do I get partial credit anyways?

The "words" for next week are:
Lean (Multiple Meanings!)

5 cookies cracked:

Aunt Jackie said...

Aww the Wifester's baby animal collectibles are so cute!

Cool shots you captured there.

Worth the wait :)

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you don't drive?

Fortune Cookies said...

Aunt Jackie- thanks! just between us, I like her baby animals too...

Gary- nope. :( they took my license away from me, something about not wanting people with seizure disorders behind the wheel of a vehicle. pfffft ;)

Jay said...

At first I thought you were going to say that you carry all those little animals in your purse. Which wouldn't have been weird at all. ;-)

Tink said...

I tried to check this out last week, but your blog kept bumping me off and saying it wasn't valid. Give it a good talking to, will ya? ;)

I love those yellow tinted sun shots. Lovely! And I really like the animals. Do you set those up around the house in stage battles? Hoop totally would.