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Monday, June 15, 2009

Giving a Shout-Out

Yesterday I started a new little thing around here, Feelings Check Sunday, in which I posted a video that represented my mood or stance at the moment.
Mine yesterday was Primus, Too Many Puppies. See it here.

I asked anyone who wanted to, to join in. I didn't see the tweet until this morning, sorry about that @divinemisterd

I was tremendously impressed with his choice, so much so, that I thought I'd share it with you. Although my own personal mood yesterday was along the vein of old school Primus, folks who know me know that folk music is more my genera on any given day. Making this one all the more savory, it's someone I've never heard of before! And I absolutely LOVE to be turned on to new artists. Especially when they have music with a message!
So here's @divinemisterd's Feelings Check Sunday video:

And, if you don't already follow @divinemisterd, scoot on over to twitter and follow! He's awesome. Or you can check out some his writing at The Nashville Examiner and at Bootleg Betty, where he indulges his fascination with, who else, but the Divine Bette Midler.

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g-man said...

Very interesting. I try not to be polite all the time (or so I am told ;)