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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Had Happened Was...

Sorry I've been absent for a while. I needed to gather my thoughts and regroup.

I lost my job last week and I haven't felt up to blogging about it, talking about it, thinking about it...I just haven't felt up to IT in general.

Since then, I've cleaned the house like it hasn't been cleaned since the last time I was out of work, began the insurmountable task of organizing the spare bedroom closet, and dove into studying and catching up on some of my classes.

I was totaly and completely frustrated at my job, but I loved it too.
It was mostly a personality conflict, well, that and an ethics conflict. And the fact that I probably should have just shrugged off that pesky little issue in which the boss was giving my coworker credit for my work...
Then I think about the conference call with our CEO last week in which he said "don't pay attention to what all the news media are saying about the banks and the bailout. It's not a bad thing for the banks, and it's not a bad thing for us." and further, when he had the audacity to say "I refuse to participate in this recession! And I simply won't do it. I say, what recession?"
Well, I say that's just great for you, Mr. CEO! But what about the rest of America who is forced to participate in this recession?
What about those of us who aren't seeing multimillion dollars from bailout money into our own bank accounts? Those of us who are clipping coupons, skipping on dinner-out nights, canceling haircut appointments, and not traveling across town to visit friends just to save gas... we have no choice but to participate in this recession. And we certainly don't appreciate fat cats like you, Mr. CEO, rubbing it in our faces that you have the option not to.
Especially when we all know that it was people exactly like you, the ones at the top, milking the system for all you could get away with, that caused this problem in the first place.

So go ahead and hop in your little Mercedes, Mr. CEO, and hit the golf course or whatever it is you do all day.
I'll be here, fretting over what Wifester and I are going to do about our Check Engine light on our nine year old car now that we're down to one income.

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Karen said...

I am so sorry. It really is frustrating when your hard work is credited to someone else.

And your CEO must be an idiot. I get the concept of not participating the recession. I am trying to do that myself. I am still going out, shopping, spending (maybe a little bit less, but siitll...). I just booked a vacation for May. HOWEVER, I am also not laying off my employees or hurting others by not participating in the recession. I am doing what I can to stimulate the economy so more people don't get caught up in lay offs.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in the job search!

Jessica said...

I'm really sorry to hear about you being laid off. :(

The good news is more time for your art, right?

It's uncanny how similar your last paragraph is to the situation my husband and I are in.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

that f###head---give us some addresses and we'll go TP some houses, maybe leave burning sacks of excrement on the front step too....

Jay said...

It's easy to "not participate" in the recession if you can just lay employees off to maintain your lifestyle.

Best of luck in your job search babe. ;-)

Reb said...

That really sucks! I hope you can find something soon.

fiwa said...

Awww hunny... I'm late seeing this, but still wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I'm in the same boat. Let's start a club, kay?

I'm wishing you all the best when you're reading to get back on the horse and start looking again. And may it be something even BETTER so you can thumb your nose at that ridiculous CEO.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Sorry to hear this. Have you ever studied Reiki? I try to live by the part that says "Just for today I will do my work honestly".
An ehtical reason for being unhappy in a job is understandable.

I hope you can find a good situation, soon.