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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Purple Pups

Haven't had a lot of spare time to paint lately. That makes me all knotted up inside. However, one of my coworkers has a pooch that is just her pride and joy and asked for this portrait. I think it turned out sweet. Of course they never look quite right in photos, so you can't see that the background is a very Prince-like royal purple. Yum.
That's about all I've got going on these days. I started a new one that was inspired by my poem Religion on Steroids, which if I ever finish will probably be just about the most provocative and controversial piece I've ever done. Including all those nekked merladies frollicking together...
But for now, I'm just not happy with how it's going. I'll keep you posted.

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Jeanne said...

Love the painting -- you really captured the way those little dogs are all spirited and yappy and in your face till you turn your back and they bite your Achilles' tendon. (I'm a big dog kind of gal -- can you tell?)

Lauren said...

Cute painting! I love the personality you can see in the dog.

Good luck with the new painting! Sounds interesting!