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Saturday, August 2, 2008

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Well, it's my Birthday, TOO!!!

My first Birthday celebrated in the blogosphere! Not my blog's b-day, mind you...but my very own. I feel older already, and I'm pretty sure I saw a few more gray hairs on my head this morning, too. But, esta bien! I don't fret over that now. I wear my ever growing age with pride, it's a badge of honor. I've now officially lived past the age that I was predicted to live to, young though it may be. Seriously. A "psychic" *cough, cough, ahem* actually told me once, that I wouldn't live to see my 35th year. Can you imagine hearing that? So, unless I've miscalculated somehow, or someone lied to me throughout my entire life, that woman was not a very good psychic, I'm happy to say. I have a full weekend of Birthday celebrating to attend to, so probably not much blogging. Photos of Birthday Loot to follow!

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Patricia said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!
But, did I read your comment correctly? The psychic said you would live to see your 35th year. She did not say that you would not see your 36th year, or 45th or 112th! I think you are good to go for a few more years yet at least!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!

gary rith said...

You're 35???? Happy birthday and congrats, wonderful!!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for taking the time to come visit my site. :D

tt said...

happy Birthday chica!!
Hope your weekend is fabulous!!!

PEACE said...

Happy Birthday! Isn't it crazy how we believe stuff like that? Hope you had cake and ice-cream. Thanks for visiting my blog,


Jay said...




Drowsey Monkey said...

Happy Birthday! :) I'd sing but that would just ruin everything ;)

g-man said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you made it to see your 35th year!!

Fortune Cookies said...

patricia - thanks a bunch! and no, you read right, I had to correct myself, she actually said that I would NOT live to see my 35th year.
I think I have a few good years left.

Karen - Thanks !

gary - I AM!!! thanks so much!

Jessica - Jessica, thank you! Come on back anytime!

tt- muchas gracias! it was fantabulous!

peace- yes it is crazy, and silly. thanks for the wishes and for stopping by! Hope to see you around again!

Jay - naaanana na na na na, I waaaat to thaaaaaank you! nanaa na na na naa na ... :)

drowsy monkey - thanks! we don't worry about tone around here, you otta hear me sing! thanks for stopping by! come on back any time!

gman - thanks a bunch! me too!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful time!

Reb said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm late, hope it was great!

gary rith said...

hey, have a look at potsblog--your teapot is DONE!

Tink said...

Oh, I missed it! Happy Belated Birfday all the same! Did you get anything good? :)

Karen said...

Happy Belated birthday! Hope you had a great weekend!