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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WWC High and Low

This week's WWC was High and Low, and let me tell you, with the highs in the upper gazillions and the lows in the trillions around here, I'm doing like many I've been reading about and staying in a lot.
I had to get a bit abstract on my interpretation of the WWC this week on some of these.
But before we get to that, I wanted to say thank you for all the birthday wishes!! I had a wonderful one!
On Friday, upon arriving home from work, early I might add, to start my Birthday weekend properly, I found my porch littered with boxes, UPS boxes, USPS boxes, you know, the tale-tale signs that a Birthday girl lives here!
Wifester quickly bundled up all packages and ushered them to the guest bedroom to be properly hidden from sigh, not to be seen before my actual birthday she announced.
We spent some quality time with the puppy and then headed out for dinner with the parents.
I still can't make it through a visit with them without being preached at, ministered to, or otherwise educated as to the ways of their church. But at least it's time with them.
On the way home, Wifester says to me, " Call my mom and ask if you can open that one box tonight".
I do, a series of questions ensues;
What box? How's it marked? How big is it?
Eventually concluding that yes, it would be safe to open the amazon box, but no other. Also, be on the lookout Saturday am for another box to arrive! Should it arrive prior, DO NOT OPEN before Sat. am.
OK, OK sheeesh! I get it.
But now, I'm intrigued. I saw the size of the amazon box, no way in hell I would have guessed it would be openable on my birthday eve. But here it was, nonetheless, openable, says the mom!
I was like a kid at Christmas ripping into that package! And I was equally excited to see my pc tool kit, anti-static braclet, and How-To guide to using DreamWeaver!
so I was feeling pretty High when I saw that Birthday Loot!

But since it was only my Birthday Eve, Wifester made me wait until Saturday for the rest of my presents.
But BOY OH BOY!!!! Were they ever worth the wait! Saturday morning, I awoke bright and early, announcing to all "It's My Birthday! Wakey Wakey! It's My Birthday! Time For Presents!", to which I was greeted with a pillow to my face. After I regained my balance and composure, I let myself quietly out of the bedroom and made some coffee and let the wifester wake up in her own time. Upon her eventual awakening, I was provided with more LOOT! I got some CD's that I've been wanting, but there was yet more loot to be had, "Later, my pretty", I was told.
The other package arrived Saturday am, as scheduled...and I knew by the packaging that it was a book, and had a clue of what book...I made no secret of the fact that I should be getting Janis Ian's autobiography as a gift, she is, after all, one of the best singers and songwriters of all time. So again, I rip into this package like Freddy Krueger on a pre-pubescent day dreamer, claws-a- flying !
Oh yeah! It's the autobiography, alright, but what's better? Janis had been in Cleveland last week, and my thoughtful and lovely mom in law ...

...went and got it signed!!!
Talk about being a High Point of the day!!!!

Then next gift I opened was from Wifester, and it was SMOKIN'! No, really, it caught on fire when I plugged it into the charger.
But it was just the adapter, and I've already ordered a replacement. So temporarily, my high went down low when I saw smoke coming out of my new wireless headphones!
So then Sunday, we went bowling with friends, and after, we went to lunch at Red Robin. Wifester loves the Red Robin. They tied a balloon to my ass and made me walk around with it like that. Oh, the humanity! I will not be sharing those photos.
From there we headed out to shop, I was on the hunt for some high and low photos, you know...

I had to look up high to find this guy...

and this one was way down low, sadly, I almost missed him

So that pretty much sums up what I was able to get this week with my camera, the rest of the time, I had a bowling ball in my hand, or Wifester had custody of the camera. I do have some OLD photos for high and low to share:


When I lived with the Party Boys, this was the view from our alley, when it snowed:

...and when I lived with the Party Boys, I'd search high and low for my kitty, Caspurr, and every time, I'd find him snuggled up between the Rotti and the lab sound asleep, on my bed :

If you think WWC looks like fun, go visit Tink, she'll show you how to join in the photo orgy!

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Newt said...

Happy Birthday girl! Glad you got all kinds of good stuff! And your WWC's were wonderful! Very cool!

Tink said...

You're so spoiled! ;)

Not that you don't deserve to be. I'm glad your birthday was a good one.

gary rith said...

Man, that is some kinda cute pet picture, isn't it?

Jay said...

She even went and got it signed for you?? Now that was nice!

Cool birthday and great pics!

Karen said...

You got some cool gifts. Awesome, lucky lady.

Chatty said...

OH, wonderful stuff! Wonderful birthday loot! Autographed book - way cool! Plus, I love your pictures, although saddened by the absence of one of you with a balloon tied to your butt
*sigh* - now THAT would have been a keeper!
I'm glad you had such a great day - let me know how the headphones work out - can you use them to watch/listen to TV? If so, I might get some for the Wiz. He has some, but they don't work very well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it, but it looks like you've been well taken care of. :) No wonder you were so happy about your LOOT!
I'm especially fond of your archived photos...there's just something about a snow pic, and the kitty with the dogs? Precious!

Now if you'll just post the balloon butt picture... inquiring minds want to SEE!! ;)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sweet loot! Glad you had a wonderful birthday!

tt said...

Happy birthday...a wee bit late...glad it was so great!
Looks like you made a haul there. :)

Mandy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Looks like you had a great one!!!