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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WWC - Scattered and Collect

The time has come and gone for this week's WWC, but in keeping with my flow of the past few weeks, I am going ahead and posting it, a day late and shot with my crappy phone's camera. Yes, the great struggle in my home over custody of the real camera continues, as the Wifester has finally resorted to taking possession of it full time by placing it in her messenger bag, a messenger bag which houses not much more than the camera and camera accessories. Hmmmm....maybe with my winnings from yesterday's award ceremony I'll head to the mall this weekend and buy myself a new camera. We'll see. Wifester has her eye on a really sweet camera, and I should regain custody of my camera once she finally purchases hers. So maybe my loot should be spent on something that's a little bit more me-centric!

Something less me-centric that has been weighing on my mind, before we get to the WWC, is a local story going on here. It seems that someone on the School Board for the Cumberland County School District failed at their job, miserably. It seems that somehow they are $5 million short in the budget and due to this shortfall, unable to even start the school year as of yet. Now, I don't live in Cumberland County, and I'm not a mom of a school aged child (THANK GOD!!!). But if I did, and if I were, I'd be pissed. How does it happen that an entire district is so short that they are unable to even allow students in to begin the school year? This is a tragedy of immeasurable proportions. How will the kids catch up? They say that they will attend a full 180 day school year, when they finally do get to start, but when will that be? I mean, will these poor kids end up going to school all summer next summer? Studies show that the more time spent on a break away from studying and school, Publish Postthe harder it is for kids to get back in the cycle of learning. Imagine the catch up these teachers will have to play just to get these kids back on track.
Ugh, it's more than I can think about on my lunch break. I suppose if I lived there and was a mom, I'd COLLECT my kids and vacate that SCATTERED brained school district and place my child in private school.
Speaking of COLLECT and SCATTERED, the nearly brainwashed Tink, of Pickled Beef, asked us to seek and post our photo-interpretations of these words this week. Kudos, Tink! I think escaping the greedy money hoarding grasp of the Chef killing cult inspired her! Quite the challenge seeker and adventurer, if you are interested in joining the WWC, visit Tink, she'll show you how to play.
Here's mine :

my file cabinet has been collecting everyone's dying plants, so that I may touch them with my green thumb.

I have amassed quite the"odd" pen collection

I don't know what they're called, but they are Scattered all over the flower beds at my work, and I want to dig em up and take em home with me!

although I'm usually pretty tidy, my desk was scattered with stuff this morning

That's All Folks! Oh, and remember, Go see Tink for WWC 411 and stop by the WWC Flickr Group! I finally joined Twitter! Follow me, if you like...

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Tink said...

Aw, you're the plant whisperer! I have a bamboo shoot that is in need of some extra love. Maybe I'll send it your way. ;)

Jay said...

There is a town near me that has been trying to pass a tax increase to cover a budge shortfall since last year. I kept loses by small margins each time they put it on the ballot for a special election. Finally they said "If we don't get the increase this time we are going to shut down the athletic dept." Increase passed. Weird, huh?

Great pics. I only have one plant and it only because it's a tough Irishman (a shamrock) that it hasn't died.

g-man said...

I was sure that I was current on your clog until I got here. Bummer on the camera custody, but one would be hard pressed to notice. Well done.

And ... Happy Birthday, Excellent shots last week too. And, I will miss Isaac too. And, Gary rocks.


Chatty said...

Holy cow! My camera phone doesn't take pictures NEAR that good - and it's a good camera in that phone, supposedly. Oh, dear - do you think it could be the operator?
I am PISSED about the Cumberland school story. You know how I love Tennessee, right? Went to school there? But not being able to START the school year because you have lost/misplaced/whatever FIVE MILLION DOLLARS? If the state of Tennessee doesn't jump on Cumberland County with both feet, and weigh in with emergency funds - then the Feds SHOULD. This is totally unacceptable. Find the money and apportion blame later - in the meantime, ante up, Tennessee - and foot the bill so these kids can go to school ON TIME. And better start saving your shekels (when and if you find them) for the lawsuits that will be being filed any day now, Cumberland County! I hope the school board supervisors and the geniuses who were in charge of the money look attractive in orange jumpsuits...
I will now step down off my soapbox.

Reb said...

I agree with Chatty, get the kids back to school then worry about the blame.

Great photos, I kill house plants, but don't do too badly in the garden.

gary rith said...

a goose pen!

tt said...

I love those flowers too! and that duck pen is too cute. Good luck on getting the camera back...I know how that goes. lol

Fortune Cookies said...

Tink - send her on, I'll be happy to cheer her up! but the secret to bamboo, is to keep watering it once a week, but don't use tap water, it's too harsh, and can kill it. Let the water sit for a few days to let the chlorine dissipate, and don't give it too much direct sunlight, it burns her leaves. You should see her perk right up :)

jay - funny how protective they get over the athletic department, but when the arts departments are closed down here over and over district after district, I see little response or backlash.

gman - that means you've not been coming by often enough! hmmm...i suppose i'll forgive you this time... ;)
thank you! Thank you, it was! Oh thanks again! Yeah, sad... and fo-shizzle!

Chatty - no way it's operator...I've seen your photo skills! yOU Rock! The school situation is infuriating, I'll keep you posted. you and a soapbox are welcome here anytime!

reb - absolutely! I don't see why they cant go to school until the money runs out, not sit on a budget that is short without even trying to make it stretch. That's just throwing hands in the air and saying "I Quit!" and what lesson does that teach these kids?

Gary - afleck, actually, shhhhhh!
you should see my powerball pen!

tt- any ideas as to what those flowers are called? thanks, i think santa will be resolving this problem this year.