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Monday, August 11, 2008

Farewell Chef


George Carlin, then Bernie Mack, and now Isaac Hayes has passed. Found by his treadmill, unresponsive, the Chef sings no more. Although he left South Park a few years ago, shrouded in the controversy over a Scientology debate that the ingeniously raunchy creators placed themselves and their show at the epicenter of, I was sad to see Chef leave South Park. I held out hope that one day he would return to sing
"I'm gonna make sweet love to yah baby, and her, and her, and her..." Now all hope is gone.
Chef, you brought me joy and laughter for years. I hoped he would make his way out of the Scientology debacle and back to the core of his essence, entertaining.

Isaac not only brought me laughter via Chef, but from gems like the theme to Shaft,

and his abundant recordings throughout the years. Isaac Hayes' voice was a buttery-smooth, let's get it on kind that began many a romantic night for me, and I'm sure many of you too.
His talents will surely be missed.

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Real Live Lesbian said...

Chocolate Salty Balls! He'll be missed!

gary rith said...

You said it, R.L.L.
"Kathy Lee you are my sexual fantasy......" and so on...

fiwa said...

Oh my gawddd... I forgot about the Kathy Lee episode!

Yes, he was one of a kind with that voice.

Jessica said...

Sad...he was such a great musician.

Jay said...

Yeah, that sucks. He was a cool dude.

Reb said...

Very sad, He had a wonderful voice.

Tink said...

I was shocked to hear about this. Farewell Chef. I sure am going to miss your chocolate salty balls.