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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Meeting a Hero

photo from Janis
I, much like one of my idols, "learned the truth at seventeen, that love was meant for beauty queens". Her song resonated within my core and touched me at my epicenter. She dared to announce "Ugly duckling girls like me..."and I identified with her agony, her torment, and above all else, her resilience.
In just a little while, I get to meet the brilliant lyricist, Janis Ian. I couldn't be more excited unless Ani Difranco, Joni Mitchell and Henry Rollins were all going to be there at the same time.
I'll fill you in later...Gotta go!

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fiwa said...

Very cool.
Not that it's here nor there, but I think she is quite beautiful.

gary rith said...

YOU are going to meet her?

Real Live Lesbian said...


Fortune Cookies said...

fiwa- I agree! she has the total beauty, inner and outward.

gary - yup! I sure did! stay tuned, blog complete with all the juicy details soon to come!

rll - I know! Right!! You could have met her was a book signing...there'll be another opportunity, Fri-Sat Oct 10-11 Nashville, TN Southern Festival of Books check her site

Jessica said...

Cool for you! :)

gary rith said...

I wouldn't to arm wrestle Henry though. He's cool, though.

gary rith said...

rats! no comment section above????
Listen, in my humble opinon, you write very well, and entertainingly, and that is what a blog should be: raw and uncut. said...

What is with this "love is meant for beauty queens"? You know better than this! The love that beauty queens receive is hollow. What the rest of us have is true.