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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WWC Sour & Salty

This weekend, after the Janis Ian book signing -meeting extravaganza(more about that later), Wifester and I went to the Wilson County Fair. What a great place to get photos for the WWC! Or at least one would think...Yet again, the Wifester kept custody of the camera while we were at the fair, I did manage to pry it from her grip a few times to get a couple of shots in, but since she's learned a new trick with photoshop, I've yet to see my computer screen, or the shots that I took that evening.
So, yet again, I have a half-assed WWC, and yet again, it's shot with my phone which is a piece of crap. Verizon, if you're paying any attention...take a queue and do something about the Chocolate!I mean, sure your service rocks, I never loose signal, but your phone is a piece of crap! Your prices are absurd and quite honestly, I miss my sweet ass TMobile Dash. I just don't miss it dropping calls all the time, or searching for a network...But that's neither here nor there, and at least I have a phone to take pictures with, since Wifester has gone all shutter-bug on me and become a photo-snob. (I still love you, honey-bear!)
What were we talking about? Oh, that reminds me, yesterday Wifester told me that I am too wordy when I write! Gasp! She laughed at me and said that I divulge too many details that are not necessary or important or interesting or something to that effect, I'm not really sure, by that point, I was tuning her out and all that was running through my head was "My wife hates my writing! Oh my god, MY WIFE HATES MY WRITING! She can't even stand to read my blog, no wonder she likes to dictate what can and can not be said in it, she hates me and my blog and my writing, she probably hates my painting too, and my little clay sculptures...I bet she hates that little clay flower and dragonfly on the mantle right now! MY WIFE HATES ME!"
Then I snapped back into reality and thought, yeah, sometimes I suppose I do get a bit too verbose and drone on and on...Oh wow, am I doing that now? Nah!
What were we talking about again?
Oh yeah, the WWC~ which is brought to us by the windblown and Fay drenched Tink, of Pickled Beef.
Luckily Tink escaped Fay realtively unscathed, and thank god for that because who else would we turn to for sock zombies and trivia games?
This week's WWC words are Sour & Salty...

Drink too much of this, and you'll feel Sour

And then of course there's always and forever :

so that about covers it! Don't forget to go see Tink if you want to play the WWC

The words for next week are:

Since I'm eternally Bright and sometimes Moody, I think I can whip something up next week fo-sho!

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gary rith said...

rats! no comment section above????
Listen, in my humble opinon, you write very well, and entertainingly, and that is what a blog should be: raw and uncut.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Amen on the bellinis!

I agree with Gary. Raw and uncut.

Tink said...

Mmmm Bellinis! Btw, I saw the wife's new Photoshop technique on Flickr. AWE-SOME.

P.S. I still think you guys should buy a second camera. ;)

fiwa said...

I'm wordy too - so count me as 3rd - I like the way you write.

And my camera phone takes sucky pictures too - it is supposed to be better than my regular camera, but it's not.

Alice said...

HAHAHAHAAAA chocolate salty balls. CLASSIC. well played :-)

g-man said...

I will have to wait unti I get home from work to watch the south park thing. I still think you do well considering it is a cell phone camera.

I agree with Tink, your wife's skillz are mad! Between the two of you you need two camera's and two copies of PS and a bit of competition :)

Janet said...

LOL yummy salt :-)

Jay said...

I've never had peach bellinis. Sounds kind of like a girly drink to me. LOL

I love South Park.

Anonymous said...

Why would we have blogs if we weren't wordy?

I just commented on a friend's blog...or rather, I posted a blog in her comment section. I think she'll forgive me.

(No wonder I can never think of what to write!!)

Chatty said...

Eternally bright and sometimes moody. I like that - and I will look forward to seeing what you "whip up"...
Wifester's pics of the Wilson County Fair are really nice - especially the black/white and sepia of the ferris wheel and the swings. Also, the corn dogs and candy apples. Very nice work. Loved her pig, too - at the Los Angeles County Fair - they had pig RACES. The pigs seemed to have a great time - they all got Oreos (presented on a silver tray, no less) no matter who "won". They were champing at the bit to race every time!
I think your pictures are ALSO very nice, FC - and I would not think they had been taken on a cell phone!
And, I like the way you write - wordiness is what blogging is all about - we WANT details, we WANT impressions. Wifester is entitled to her opinion, but so are we, your loyal readers!

Fortune Cookies said...

gary - muchas gracias, mi amigo!

rll - bellinis, mmmmm-the only thing better than a mimosa!
and thank you too, ma'am!

tink - bellinis! we'll have a blog-bellini party! Wifester is a photo-shopping master these days, problem is, I can't get access to the pc, it's time for a second pc and a second camera!

fiwa - I prefer the verbose in written word. there's a lot to be said for a strong command of language. I think I'm so wordy when I write because I'm so quiet and to the point when I speak aloud...

alice - had to give a shout out to Chef!

gman - good call, chocolate salty balls is probably not work appropriate ;)
I agree with you and tink, we need two cameras and two pc's! the software is mine to download on any pc i see fit :)

janet - i've cut back on it lately, but yes, salt = mmm..mmm...good!

jay - what's amattah? you afraid of lookin like a girley man? try a bellini!

kcinnova - we blog because we have many words to share. so true.

chatty - the nashville fair has pig racing too! I love it, and they have pygmy goat races! they are fun. I just always feel bad for the poor animals kept in such cramped quarters with so many people and so much noise about...
And thanks! I love the way you write too! I'm a dedicated reader of Chatty's for sure!

Thank you everyone for your encouraging words about my lengthy words. :) Much appreciated!

Reb said...

Well done! I think you write very well also and if you can't be verbose on your own blog? ...well, where can you be?

Wife's photos are great and yes, I think it's time to budget in a new camera and pc.

gary rith said...

ANYTHING you want to share with us is priceless.