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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yapping, Bitching, and ...Hot Meat?

A few things that I just don't get.

1. I have a coworker who talks incessantly on her cell phone, taking personal calls during the day. My boss has had numerous meetings with our team, in which she has said to us "The next time I catch anyone using their cell phones for personal use, you're fired! Consider this your warning"
The next day, she'll be sitting at her desk, yapping away about "Oh no she didn't! Well, I said.." ..."and then he said..."
Yeah, it's like a 14 year old girl is sitting across from me.
I have a few issues with this situation.
A. It's totally disrespectful to your employer, especially after they have provided you with warnings.
B. It's extremely disrespectful to coworkers around you to be subject to listen to your conversations while they are on their phones actually conducting business.
C. Even more rude, it becomes, when those conversations last so long that fellow employees , namely ME, are being delegated this employee's share of work, because she is behind.
Now, I'm not normally one to be quite so vocal, but this has gone to a level of absolute absurdity. The other day the phone call was over an hour and a half long. AN HOUR and a HALF.
I don't get how someone would think that it is OK to behave in this manner at WORK, that is, unless you were the owner of your company.

Next on my rant-agenda

2. Dyke-Drama. I just don't get it. Oh, I've seen it, I've participated in enough of my own, in my day, and quite honestly, I'm quite penitent about all of that.
But I believe that a big portion of it stemmed from my having been a drug addicted, wasted youth. Immature, irrational, and high. The dyke-drama that I continue to see flare up from time to time today (not in my own life or relationship, but in the circumference, with friends, acquaintances, is usually of little or no consequence and has no real bearing on anyone's quality of life, mental, physical, or financial stability. So what gives? What's the point? I suppose some people simply enjoy stirring the pot every chance they can get. Not me. I like to let things simmer down and keep it at a nice mild temperature. Always trying to keep it smooth and moderate. Amicable for all. I'm a diplomat like that.

And finally...

3. Why am I just now finding out that the cooking guide on my George Foreman grill has me WAAAAAAAY overcooking my food? Wifester and I finally bought a meat thermometer, and the heavens parted and I do believe I heard trumpets.
Prior to meeting her, I'd been on a tofu kick for a while, and when not eating tofu, my chicken was boiled to the point of falling apart in shreds (see enchilada recipe) Otherwise, it was veggies, veggies, and carry-out. Oh, don't give me's hard to cook for just one. Anyways, new meat thermometer, since Wifester is a Grill-Master and every grill Master needs a meat thermometer, we found her one. Since it resides in my kitchen, I incorporated the use of it on all my meats, and wow! No more crispy dried out chicken breasts on Mr. Foreman's Grill! Someone should really tell him to adjust his guide! We made salmon on it prior to the thermometer, and went by the guide, it was so chewy and tough. So this time, I used the thermometer ....mmmmmmm! Flakey juicy perfectly grilled salmon. Now if I could just get the Wifester to actually grill the salmon on her grill-de-la grill...But that's a whole other gripe for a whole other day.

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WomensDaily said...

I would be so pissed off at that lady. Eventually she'll get caught and get fired.

Reb said...

I am old enough to remember a time before cell phones! You weren't allowed to take personal calls period! You are there to do a job, not to chat up your friends etc. I can see, getting a call from the kids saying they are home from school, or the school saying Johnny broke his nose - whatever, that is acceptable and only takes a few minutes.

Is there an excuse that you can use to get the boss to come to your desk the next time she is on her cell?

Meat thermometers are wonderful things, I am glad you are no longer overcooking!

gary rith said...

Have I mentioned that I like your new pic over there with the dog? Cute!

Mandy said...

1. that is one reason I do not miss working

2. I think we just all get to a point in our lives when any kind of drama is just overrated and a waste of time - especially drama for the sake of drama

3. our george foreman is so old that it is either On or OFF and to do this you plug it or unplug it .. also, what kind of meat themometer did you get? they all look so big that the juices will all run out and ruin the meat??!?!?!?

Jay said...

I wouldn't put up with that coworker at all.

I have a George Foreman Grill, but I never bothered with the stinking instructions. ;-)

Fortune Cookies said...

womensdaily- one can only hope for such an intervention...

reb- I remember a time before cell phones too, and I recently worked at a cell phone company where talking on your cell phone on the job was grounds for immediate termination. I think the boss is as much responsible here since she is not enforcing her own rules.

gary- thanks!

mandy- ah, to be at home again! I am studying hard so that I can work from home, eventually.
the meat thermometer came from the local grocery store, it's just a simple one with a long thin stem, it does the trick, on the thinner cuts of meat, I insert it horizontally to get more of the stem touching the meat, make sense? wow, that conversation could be taken waaay out of context, i suppose.

jay- so how do you know when your food is done on the Foreman? I'm always afraid of biting into something that's half cooked. I don't want a mouth-full of bloody chicken or something! lol

Chatty said...

As to gripe #1 - don't take it. In a neutral yet passive-aggressive way, refuse to do Miss Thing's work - even if that means SOMEHOW pointing out that Miss Thing has not been able to do said work because she has BEEN ON THE PHONE. Let Miss Thing explain why she is always on the phone...

As to gripe #2 - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. When did it become either appropriate or necessary to trumpet one's sexuality at every opportunity? Do people really think that other people care? Does this have to be an issue every day? Is this not pretty much a private thing? I DO understand that everyone must stand up for what they believe in, and who they are - and that unfortunately sexuality is an issue in our society - which it should NOT be. HOWEVER - (and to be fair, maybe it's because I lived in LA and worked in the movie industry for MANY MANY years), gay or straight or bi was never really an issue among my friends. Some of my friends (of all persuasions) are quite political, but they keep things in the appropriate arenas, and don't bore everyone else with their issues at every opportunity.
And BORE is the key word here. I personally agree with Lauren Bacall, who once said that the only sex life she was interested in was her own.
Rights are rights, and they MUST be fought for. But don't get up in my face and expect me to be sympathetic when you rant at me.
It's like what my father said about Cadillac owners - that they'll manage to work it into the conversation within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. Must we do that with our sexual preferences as well? Must we go on to sneer at people who have a Lexus* just because we prefer Cadillacs?
I'm just sayin'.

*ummm - I was gonna say "have a Hummer" but was afraid someone might accidentally laugh - or worse, be offended, and that would be politically incorrect, and all...

As to Gripe #3 - as always, you CRACK ME UP! Last Christmas, my cousin gave me a fancy-schmancy thermometer that can apparently measure the heat of the sun and then switch to measuring the temperature of a glacier without batting an electronic eye. It's still in its IMPENETRABLE plastic cage which - as soon as you take scissors to it - will crack and slit your hand open and send you to the emergency room...but maybe I should suck it up and make the effort, now that you've mentioned how handy they are...