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Monday, July 28, 2008

Green La Vergne Needs You!

We Need You!
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I've never done this before, and typically, I'm against this sort of thing on a personal blog, but this is for a good cause, and not for me or my here goes:
I'm talking to my fellow La Vergneians... Or anyone who wants to see the space between Smyrna and Antioch become greener, cleaner, and more, well, livable. Green La Vergne Needs Your Help. We need a $1, $5, or $10 donation to assist with the cost of supplies, advertising, you know, the stuff. All proceeds go directly to Green La Vergne, to help make our city Greener, Cleaner, and a better place to live. Right now, we need to make a butt load of fliers to hand out at Oldtimer's Day...that costs moola...those of us who are committed to this project can do what we can, but help would be greatly appreciated. So if you can find it in your hearts, and your wallets, to help Green La Vergne become the community based group that we are striving to be, please, give a buck or two...or five, it's a good cause, after all. You'll notice I've added the pay pal button to my page, over to the right, on the sidebar, under the subscribe to Green La Vergne Button, I've also added both in this post, to make it easy to find. Any donation is appreciated, any physical help, in the form of time committed to assisting is greatly appreciated as well!

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Mandy said...

I gave - I dont "know" you but I could part with $5 for a good cause;)

Anonymous said...

Hate to see you adding to the flotsom of paper floating around La Vergne unless there is no other way to broadcast your message. Tell me you will be creative with your message or at least using recycled paper and then I can donate too to a good cause!

Fortune Cookies said...

Mandy - THANK YOU, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!SOOOOO MUCH! I truly appreciate your donation to our efforts!

Anon - I certainly understand your concern about the excess paper floating around. One idea we have is to get our "flier" printed on the back of the handouts that the La Vergne Bowling ALley already gives the kids, a message like "Tell your parents about Green La Vergne...Yahoo La Vergne" and the other is to use recycled paper for business cards as our "fliers". We also need a banner and a sign made for our booth for Old Timer's Day. We alre always open to suggestions, go see our group at Yahoo Groups/Green La Vergne