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Monday, July 28, 2008

Freaky Coincidence?

OK, I'm a bit freaked out by this one. I could just be paranoid, but, hear me out. You've probably read about the guy who went bezerk and shot some folks in the Unitarian Universalist Church, on Sunday, right? Well, here's the story, in case you've missed out on this one. And here, and here, and here.
Very sad. Very. Here's what freaks me out.
On Saturday, someone in Jamestown, which is about 100 miles from Knoxville ( not far) accessed my blog by googling "most liberal town in tennessee". This google search landed them on this post.

This shooting happened "just outside of Knoxville", on Sunday. And, they say, he targeted the church because he had a hatred for liberals, for the liberal agenda, and for gays. All of which that church supports.

A little too close for my comfort, I want to know if this guy drove from Jamestown to Knoxville to do this??
Spoooky, eh?

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Karen said...

Holy Crap! That would be really insane. What a sick story though. People really aren't safe from freaks anywhere.

Jay said...

The guy is a serious whack-job. That's pretty scary right there though.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Jamestown is an odd place.

My Dad had a project in Jamestown, TN in the late 70s. The entire crew was from Nashville, so they found a cheap motel to stay in for the duration of the construction project.

As they were finishing up for the day, a man walked up to my Dad and told him that he'd better take care of his black guy and make sure he wasn't in Jamestown at dark. Bad things might happen to him.

They all packed up and stayed in the next town over.

gary rith said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!

gary rith said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!

Reb said...

Well, I hope it is just coincidence. The world is full of whackos, fortunately most don't have access to guns.