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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birds of a Feather?

I've made a few observations lately, in regards to couples and their respective careers, and how strangely, some careers seem to mesh with others. For example, I am studying IT and am a Computer Science Major. Wifester is a nurse. We have a friend who also is in the IT industry, who was coupled for many years with a person in the health care industry. We've met many new friends via my Green La Vergne group, of which, one is a nurse, who is married to a software engineer, hello there MagsMom! I don't know if that's because us technically inclined people tend to seek out people who can assist us when we electrocute ourselves while dismantling our devices, to see how they work, or if the nurses and health care givers seek us because we seem to need some nurturing, or what the case may be. But, now I want to do some research. I'm sure there's some kind of studies that have been conducted on the percentages of marriages or partnerships between certain career types. That's just the type of thing our government loves to throw money away on in abundance. I'll get on that.
Then there's a friend of Wifester's who has a niece who is apparently, just like Wifester, and is married to a woman who is apparently, just like me.
Now, I've also found, in the course of my current line of work, that there is also an oddly disproportionate amount of accountants in this world, or at least this country, whose names happen to be either George or Peter. I don't know what that's all about. It is entirely possible that those are simply common names, but, so is John, or Jim, or Tom, and why is it that the accountants, not the receptionists, not the loan officers, not the insurance reps, share common names, only the accountants. I play a little game with myself whenever I have to call an accountant. I make a bet with myself as to whether or not this one will be George, Peter, or some random other name. George and Peter usually win.
So far, I owe me a fortune; If I ever pay up, I can retire, in style!

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Karen said... mom was a doctor and my dad was in contract management. I am a lawyer and I tend to be attracted to more blue collar guys. My brother is in publishing and my sis in law a cosmetics executive.

I don't know what any of this means. LOL

I am going to look for patterns in other people now.

gary rith said...

I rememebering noticing in the early 90s that every dude was named Jason for some reason. This was some years after the whole Jason horror movie guy. Coincidence???? I think not.

Jay said...

Every lawyer here in town is married to a teacher. Ok, maybe not every single one of them, but it seems that way.

MagMom said...

Some psychologist would probably tell us that we complement each others opposing needs for humanity and technology. Or, maybe, nurses just like nerds.

Fortune Cookies said...

Karen...I don't know what it all means either! Let me know what you observe, we can do our own field research.

gary - I think not too! Kinda freaky that people would name their children after a psycho-killer, though. and kinda weird that you mention him, today, on the way to work, I passed a truck that had Jason masks strapped to the head rests, weird!

Jay - so, become a teacher so that one of those lawyers can become your sugar mama! ;)

Fortune Cookies said...

magmom - ha! I think you are right on both accounts. What's that say for me? I used to be a nurse and switched to being a nerd? I liked nerds so much I wanted to join them?

Mandy said...

my brother is a computer guy and his wife is a teacher .. I find it interesting the nurse-technical couples you have found!!

I will have to pay attention to that more from now on:)