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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WWC - Treasure & Junk

Before we get to the Weekly Words Challenge, I want to say thank you to those who gave me input on the censorship issue that I am dealing with in my home this week. It's always interesting and revelatory to hear other's opinions. I value and welcome them always.

With family coming to visit, it is always stressful for any couple, I'm sure, but add to the mix our situation and bam... instant chaos can certainly ensue. For the most part, we have been quite blessed with extremely accepting and tolerant family, mostly on Macey's side. Ok, pretty much all on Macey's side. Her mom gave us two wedding receptions, TWO. She went to Canada with us to see us get married and has been nothing but 100% supportive. She loves me, she said so in her toast at both receptions, and calls me just to chat sometimes.
If every now and again we have to take an extra step or two to be a little bit more accomodiating to the average straight family member coming into town, well then, so be it. My paintings can sit with "Censored" labels until family is gone. Besides, it does give the opportunity for a discussion about censorship and when it is and is not appropriate and why it should and should not be used.
So, anyways, here we go, on to ....

This week's words were Treasure and Junk. Now, I did work on clearing out a lot of junk from my house this week, however, snapping photos of it en route to the Goodwill was something that I forgot to do. Here's what I did get for the challenge:

A LOT of Junk became garbage

was this piece of junk treasure hunting?

I found chocolate filled treasure in my easter basket!

Books hold many treasures for me!

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Tink said...

*Snort* What is up with those legs? Great use of the words this week! I am totally behind. I'm off to read your previous posts to find out what I missed with this censorship stuff.

R.E.H. said...

Haha! Love the picture of the legs sticking out of that treasure chest!

Well played!

Jay said...

Is that The Tick treasure hunting? It looks like a life-sized Tick's legs. That's funny.

Great job saying the words this week!

Reb said...

Great photos, love the legs!

g-man said...

Nice shootin' Tex. The legs were especially funny.

Sorry that you had to be censored, although we do things for family that we would not do for others. Have a peaceful visit. :)

gr said...

that is MY kind of money! edible!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Love those legs! Better get her out tho...all the blood's gonna run to her head! ;0