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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

WWC - Stone & Glass

Here's my WWC- finally. If you haven't joined in on the fun, and you want to, stop by Tink's
to get in on the action.
This weeks words were glass and stone...
I have some new and some old photos to share that represent my interpretation of these words so here we go....


first for the new ones...

moss covered stone

a stone with a view

sun-bathing stone

now for some old:

Squire's Castle is made of Stone...and supposedly haunted! Although we didn't find any ghosts. If you're ever in Cleveland, OH check it out!

ahhhh! my sparkely stone! (this photo not taken by me, I think it's my mother in law's work :) you'll forgive me, right?)


sand becomes glass...ok, so it's a stretch...

my favorite glasses to use

just one of our dust collectors.

I don't really know what you'd call this, a piece of blown glass handed down from my great aunt... cool looking up close, don't yah think?

This is a glass lamp made my that great aunt's husband, my great uncle Paul, it's filled with crushed glass. Uncle Paul was a photographer for the local newspaper for 40+ years...he was a super cool man.

and for the old one for glass, I have this:

The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame - Baby!!! Yeah! it's mostly glass. ( this photo by my lovely wife, Macey. Take a bow hunny! )

Niagara Falls as seen through the glass window of the Skylon Tower. (again not my photo, may have been Macey, may have been her Mom, we'd just got hitched, too excited don't remember.)

That's it. That's my second installment of the weekly word challenge. I hope you enjoyed.

The words for next week are:

I'll be back same bat time, same bat channel. Hope to see you then!

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Jay said...

You did a great job with these!

I want to go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame so bad!

The stones around the lake pics were great too.

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

jay, Thanks! :) RNR hall of fame is pretty sweet! be sure you have all day to spend there if you ever go. and plan an escape route for you and Janis Joplin's Mercedes!!! I didn't wanna leave it there. Be careful trying to get pix though, I almost got the security escort out just for sending a text message to my bff to say " i'm looking at madonna's cones right now!" wasn't even taking a pix... pfffft bastards!

Anonymous said...

I'm particularly fond of the stones pics and the blown glass. The sand was a fun idea!

Tink said...

Oh man, I just want to sit on that rock and stare at the water all day... with some beer... and a puppy...

Great pictures! The glass ones are so colorful. :)

R.E.H. said...

You got some lakeside pics similar to mine there - beautiful.

And, I love the Squire Castle - it's haunted you say? I've got to visit there some day...

Reb said...

Lovely pictures, I really liked the moss covered rock and the coloured glass.

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

kcinnova- I thought the sand was a fun idea too...thanks for noticing! ;)

Tink- we picnicked there by that very rock and looked out over the lake it's one of my favorite spots in Tennessee. The puppy loves it too. But sad, they don't allow beer in the state park.

REH- they say the castle is haunted, but we didnt get any creepy crawly feelings at all!
it is a nice spot for picture taking though!

reb- thanks for stopping by... i love moss, want to cover my yard with it so I don't have to cut grass anymore lol!

Karen said...

Wow. Amazing photos. I never reallized you were such a great photographer. Damn!

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

Karen- Thanks a bunches! compliments will get you everywhere :) Actually I am not the good photographer in the family, that's my wife. I just take some pictures now and again. She has some amazing photos though! Some of them are at check em out :)