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Saturday, March 1, 2008

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Morning...

My Saturday morning routine is precision. It happens exactly the same each and every Saturday
up to a certain point at which I get to decide which route to take. Even then it's A or B and only A or B. I like it that way. Keeps me out of trouble. Back when I worked Saturdays it was the Sunday morning routine but I called Sundays "my Saturday" since I was also off on Mondays and they were "my Sunday". It really is so nice to be on a Monday - Friday 8-5 schedule, I must say. But lets get back to my routine: Wake up, pee, give the dog her Benadryl, unload the dishwasher, clean the kitchen counter and stove top while my coffee is brewing, make a cup of coffee with yummy creamer and 1 Splenda (or 2 if it's the big ass coffee cup), and I sit at the computer and read blogs , catch up on homework, shop or chat with Tony, my chat buddy from Kansas of I dunno, like 6 years now. When I am appropriately caffeinated I have the two previously mentioned options:
A. I can head back into the kitchen to
clean the microwave, mop the floors , and start some laundry or
B. I can go to my little corner by the window in the dining room and paint, or at least try to.

Later, once my other half has risen from hibernation I can begin to vacuum the house and clean up the bedroom and so goes my Saturday morning routine.
Until this morning...
All was on track for the average Saturday morning, right up to the point of making my coffee. MMM... I just love coffee. I'm really not awake until I've had at least two cups of coffee. My doctor told me a few years ago to cut back on my coffee so I tried blending decaf with my regular, YUUUUUCK! What's the point? I gave up every other drug and addictive substance. I even gave up nicotine, and that was like quitting heroine! I swear, I went to inpatient rehab twice and outpatient once and I had withdrawals and the whole bit and smoking was every bit as tough to stop as the harsh street shit, no kidding! But caffeine, that one I'm keeping, you can't take my caffeine away! Never, NEVER!
Ahem! OK... back to the story of this morning... I suppose it's due to not having any caffeine in my blood yet, therefore I was not awake enough to realize the peril that I faced, but as I sleepily yawned and shook the jumbo container of creamer ...SPLASH! Coffee creamer splatters all over my clean counter tops and stove! Not to mention me! Oops, guess I didn't close the lid on it yesterday. Sigh.

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R.E.H. said...

Nothing worse than having your morning routine fall apart on you. I am like that too - I have my routine, and it needs to be that way.

Mine also involves coffee - because of that I was terrified this post would end with the revelation that you were all out of coffee!

Imagine the horror!

Karen said...

I have done that with OJ. Sucks. My Sat. routine is watching the Asian Variety Show, eating a bagel and then going back to sleep for another hour.

I really love that Asian Variety Show. LOL

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

r.e.h. - I could never run out of coffee. I have stock piles of it. When there's nothing else in the house, there's always at least 2 lbs of coffee in the freezer LOL Coffee is definitely a staple.

Karen - I love that Asian show too! I wish I could go back to bed after I wake up, but unfortunately once my eyes open, I'm up for the day which sucks because my eyes open pretty early... unless alcohol is involved LOL.