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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Pros and Cons of Blogging

So I've been weighing out the pros and cons -so to speak- of blogging. Not because I'm trying to decide whether or not to continue it, but rather just out of boredom. I usually make these pros and cons lists to help me make important decisions, but sometimes, like this one, it's purely out of a need to entertain myself. I've made a list of pros and cons of being the interim girlfriend, working for a mobile phone company, living in the suburbs, not having my parents in my life, having my parents back in my life, being epileptic... and so on.

So, here goes this list.

it's waaaaaaaay down here for some reason, just keep scrolling....

Pros and Cons Of Blogging



1. It's FUN!

1. It's time consuming

2. It's like therapy, only cheaper!

2. There's a certain loss of "privacy"

3. Helps you brush up on my writing skills.

3. Fierce competition to be the best. (can be Pro
or Con)

4. Helps you keep abreast of research skills.

4. Can cause carpal tunnel syndrome

5. Exercises the imagination.

5. Can be distracting from important things like
work, school, dinner on the stove…

6. You get to "meet" lots of new


7. Learn about all sorts of new and interesting
things from above mentioned friends.

7. Can create jealousy when your co-workers see
your wonderful blog and wish that they could make one half as beautiful and

8. Great opportunity to teach others all sorts of
things that are important to YOU!

4 cookies cracked:

Jay said...

Other than the time consuming part, I haven't found too many cons to blogging. And really, if Blogger ran better and the comments sections weren't so slow so often that wouldn't be so bad either. I also have been really lucky in that I get almost no spam at all.

The best part of blogging has been how great everybody is. I've gotten my share of trolls, but you could say that I kind of invite them with some of my posts.

Karen said...

great list. I think we could go on and on and on if we wanted.

Fortune Cookies said...

Jay - you are correct about not being too many cons... I had to really dig deep. I don't get too much spam, since I started moderating comments, I know, I know, you hate that ;) sorry.
the best part of blogging is how great and encouraging and supportive everyone is. the blogging community is a great community to be a part of.

Karen - thanks. I could definitely go on and on about the pros of blogging.

R.E.H. said...

Yeah, I do agree with that list completely. For me the time consuming thing is the only real con, though. But, with the number of blogs that I read, I can only blame myself ;)